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The Film That Inspired Me To Write My Own Screenplay - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would talk about the film that inspired me to write my own screenplay and really got me interested in filmmaking in the first place. The 2017 thriller film, “Get Out”, written by Jordan Peele has definitely had an impact on me as a dramatic writer. The movie spoke to me because I always attempt to come up with unique ideas that may surprise or shock others. My two film screenplays are controversial, as I usually write about debatable topics in which people have different opinions. I have always been worried that the ideas that I have are too extravagant and that people may not understand my message. After seeing Jordan Peele’s message about racism in “Get Out”  come out in such a clear manner, I have begun to have more self confidence and courage in my writing, and truly believe that there is no such thing as an idea that is too over the top, too personal or too sensitive to be pursued.

After researching into how Jordan Peele got the idea for “Get Out”, I discovered that he took inspiration from his own experiences. As a black man, he experienced racism when he saw white people glance at him suspiciously on the subway. He always felt uncomfortable being the only black person in a room full of white people who would stare at him. Using this experience, Jordan Peele was able to construct a story in which he was able to show himself as the main character with the same emotions he was feeling when he was in the same position. I too decided to take a look at my own life and brainstorm what I could take inspiration from. I then remembered the time my parents and I visited a senior citizen’s daycare home for patients with neurological disorders for my grandfather.

The building itself was in a very sketchy location and appeared dingy and dark. I remember the bad feelings I got the moment I stepped inside the building. Half of the walls were cracked, the paint was running off, people were suspiciously glaring at each other, and had an eerie silence around themselves. They weren’t even moving, and it seemed as if these patients were more like statues than humans. Recalling this experience, I got the idea to write a screenplay in which two gay men decide to volunteer at a senior citizen daycare home, and one of them ends up being murdered by one of the patients there. This idea, I know, seems quite far fetched from what I witnessed when I visited this place, but reality mixed with my imagination had already sparked the writer in me. After thinking about it some more, I decided to get to work and write the script. In June of 2018, I published my first film screenplay, Straight, which explores the idea of the generation gap and the strong divide of contrasting opinions leading to extreme consequences.

Shreya Sachdev