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My Mock Exams Start Tomorrow... Am I Ready? - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would talk about how I’m feeling about my mock examinations and whether or not I feel like I’m prepared for them. Starting the 21st of January, I have my IB mock examinations. For my Christmas holiday, I had to revise six subjects in just three weeks, and I barely got anytime to rest or actually have a proper holiday. I went to Milan, Italy for my birthday and for Christmas and even though I really loved it and did have a good time, I couldn’t completely enjoy it because everything that was on my mind as I was shopping for clothes or eating in restaurants was my mock exams. Even though they are just mock exams, I want to treat these exams as if they are real so that I get the whole experience (timing, nerves, stress) and I can better prepare myself for my real exams which will start on May 7th.

I feel the most confident for my History exam because that is what I was prioritizing, and luckily History is my first mock exam which means that I’ll walk into the exam room confident and get started on a self-assured note. I find it fascinating to know about what has happened in the past, and that’s why I love revising History. I think it’s so interesting and when I learn about different wars and conflicts that have happened, I can’t believe how things were so different back then. I’m so glad that I took Higher Level History because even though it’s a big challenge, it’s astonishing to know about events in the past. I’m also very fortunate that my school chooses to focus on medieval history, rather than modern history. In my opinion, it’s cooler to know about what happened in the year 1000 rather than 1900. Along with this, I have a really great History teacher who has been able to make me almost as passionate about History as he is.

I feel ready for my Math exam, but only because I spent so much time studying for it over the holidays. Luckily, I had my older brother over for the Christmas break so he helped me with a lot of my revision and now I feel confident going in. My brother has studied statistics and mathematics at a university level so he definitely knows what he’s talking about when he tutors me. I think that Math is one of my favorite subjects to revise for because there aren’t any long notes and essays that I have to look over or write. Instead, I just jump from one problem to the next and my hand doesn’t get tired. That’s why I enjoy studying for math the most, even though I’m terrible at it, despise the subject, nor have any interest of studying it in the future.

When it comes to Geography, I never really know what’s going to happen. I always study so hard for my Geography tests, and then I don’t do as well as I think I should have. As always, I’ve been studying really hard for this mock exam and memorizing all the case studies and statistics that I need to know, but I feel as if I still may forget to give an example or add an extra detail which is what’s going to work against me. I’m going to try my hardest to do as many exam style questions as I can before my exam (it’s on Tuesday) so that I get used to the way my teacher wants the answers written.

I love English Language and Literature, but I don’t feel too confident for my exam. Whenever I think that I’ve done enough analysis and that I’ve really dug beneath the surface of the literary text, it turns out that I still need to do more. I did some past papers over the Christmas break and so I feel somewhat ready, but I know my work needs some improvement. However, I enjoy reading through a text and discussing literary devices that the author chooses to use, which is why out of all my exams I’m looking the most forward to my English exam because I genuinely enjoy sitting in a room and reading through poetry or prose, and then doing an analysis on it.

For French, I’m going to try my hardest to do as well as I can. I think I have so much potential in French, and if I work hard I can achieve a high grade, but I need to study more. French is a subject that I honestly never studied for until this Christmas holiday, and I’m glad I did because I can already feel myself improving when it comes to conjugation and vocabulary. I studied by doing lots of past papers, and that’s why I feel more ready for paper one (which is reading comprehension) than paper two in which you have to write a 250-400 word essay and remember all the different vocabulary and conjugation. However, my French exam is next week which means that I have next weekend to study for it. French is the only exam that I have the second week and so if I intensively study for it Saturday and Sunday, I’m sure I will do well. Overall, even though I’m stressed, I look forward to these mock exams because I know that they will help me for my real exams. I guess we will see what happens, and even if things go awry, I have three whole months before my final exams to improve and show the IB examiners what I am capable of doing.

Shreya Sachdev