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The Youtube Channel(s) I've Recently Been Obsessed With - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a great day. I know I shouldn’t be watching too much television or Youtube right now since I have my final exams very soon, but there is one channel that I allow myself to watch everyday. The videos are quite short (lasting only four to seven minutes each) but most importantly, this channel gives me a lot of motivation and makes me feel connected to the rest of the world. The Youtube channel that I’m referring to is the channel “ACTUALLY HAPPENED” and “My Story Animated.” I’m sure you guys have heard of both these channels since they are both trending right now. “ACTUALLY HAPPENED” has over 2 million subscribers and “My Story Animated” has around 600,000 subscribers. Therefore, they’re both quite famous channels and are doing very well. Both these channels involve people from all around the world sending their stories to this channel and then the channel creates an animation based on that story and shares it with the entire world through Youtube.

The reason as to why I like these channels is because in a way, it makes you realize that your life isn’t so bad. For example, I’ve watched lots of videos on parents getting divorced and the ways in which it affects a child and it makes me realize that I’m very fortunate to have parents who are not divorced and still love each other. One video talked about how a girl’s mother left her father and how the father turned into an alcoholic. Since the girl was living with her father, she had to unfortunately come pick him at late in the night from bars and restaurants since he would stay out drinking with his friends for hours. Another video talked about how a daughter was forced to choose between her mother and father when her parents got divorced, and how this impacted her relationship with her entire family. Thus, it makes me thankful that nothing like this has ever happened to me and it makes me feel a lot of empathy for children who have parents that are divorced.

Another reason as to why I like these channels is because they are relatable. For example, one video was about a boy in high school whose parents wanted him to become a doctor, even though he wanted to be a journalist and wanted to blogger about current events. This is something I can definitely relate to. Even though my parents are fully supportive of my dreams, it’s almost as if the school system forces children to be people that they don’t want to be. I wish I could blog and write up posts every single day, but instead I’m forced to study subjects I’m not necessarily interested in. Another video that was similar to this was a video about a girl who felt as if her parents are never happy with her grades or SAT scores. I’ve never had strict parents regarding grades, but I understand the pressure of getting those marks. Therefore, those videos made me feel as if I wasn’t alone and that there were similar children with the same struggles as me.

There are some videos on this channel that are straight up hilarious. One video is called “I Am Too Pretty” and it’s about a girl who is literally complaining about being too attractive and the difficult times that she faces due to her looks. It’s so obvious that whoever this girl is, she’s just trying to show off how good she looks. Clearly pretending to complain about how pretty she is just comes off as stupid. Similarly, there’s a video titled “I Am The Richest Girl At School And It’s Embarrassing” that talks about this one girl who doesn’t like the fact that her family is wealthy. Throughout the video, she’s complaining about how her father offers to drop her off to school in his helicopter and how she thinks that it’s embarrassing. She talks about how she brings designer bags to school and then is surprised that people know her family is rich. Overall, there are just some people who try and complain about their situations in order to just show off their lavish lifestyle and it’s actually pretty funny and enjoyable to watch.

Lastly, I love watching these videos because it gives me a lot of inspiration. Recently, I watched a video about Richard Branson’s childhood and how he struggled with school too. However, in the end he found his passion and he’s the owner of Virgin Records. He now has a net worth of over 4 billion USD despite not doing well in school, having a difficult mother, and overall not always living an easy life. Richard Branson’s success story is proof that your happiness depends on the decisions you make and the way you choose to see the world as opposed to the hard times you will face. This video gave me a lot of hope and motivation and I really recommend all of you to check out this Youtube channel. You will definitely be able to find videos that will either make you realize that your life isn’t so bad when compared to other people, videos that you will be able to relate to, videos that you will be able to laugh at, and videos that will inspire you. If you think that I should send in one of my own stories to this channel, let me know and I’ll be sure to do it.

Shreya Sachdev