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How My Website's Name "Being Shreya" Was Invented - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would talk about how my website’s name “Being Shreya” was invented. In the last blog post, I spoke about the reasons behind my decision to start my own website. However, I didn’t really touch upon the reason as to why I chose to make my business name “Being Shreya” instead of “Shreya Sachdev” (my full legal name). I thought it would make a really interesting blog post if I discussed how I got to my domain name and the reason for it having the name that it has today, so that’s exactly what today’s blog post is going to be about. To give a little bit of a recap if you have not read my previous blog post, my website began in June of 2018 and I was seventeen when I started it (I’m eighteen now). My brother created my entire website, and together we agreed on the name “Being Shreya” because we really liked it, and so did my entire family, so we thought it would be a perfect fit. When I first started my website, I wasn’t too serious about it and I was a lot more interested in just playing around with it, but as I spent more time on it I realized just how much I liked working on it and then decided to transform this website into its best possible version.

I’ll admit that when I began to search for a domain name for my website, I initially began looking at because I wanted it to be professional and simple, but this was already taken by another Indian girl. I wasn’t surprised or shocked that this domain name was already taken, because my name is Indian, and both my first name and my surname are quite popular Indian names. Thus, with a population of over one billion, I wasn’t surprised to see that my name had already been taken and used for another website in India. I wasn’t too upset about it, however, because I knew that there were lots of other domain names that I could explore and see whether or not I liked. Plus, I thought that having your first name and your surname was something that was so basic, and I wanted to try out something else: Something that was funky, but also professional, so I started thinking of different names. My brother and I took a look at the domain name and whilst I liked it, I thought that it was just a little bit too long and I wanted something a little bit more short and concise. That’s how I got to I thought that it was really simple and cute, and it was a great summary of what people would find on my website. After all, my website consists of everything that makes up me, since it has all my interests and everything I’m passionate about. The moment I heard it, I knew that I wanted to make this my public domain name. This is what eventually even led to my podcast being named “Being Shreya Studios” and my official business email address to being called

I’m really happy to have my website called “Being Shreya” because it’s short and like I said, it’s an accurate summary of what people will expect to find on my website: All my interests and aspirations. Unsolved cases, film, television, and book reviews, and analysis are all things that I’m passionate about and the things that I am passionate about are what truly make up me and define me. The only thing that I don’t like about my domain name are the initials because obviously Being Shreya’s initials are “BS” which stands for bullshit. Even though that’s the downfall of it, it allows me to make some harmless jokes about my domain name and gives everyone a good laugh. It certainly doesn’t stop me from reaching my goals or having people not take my website seriously. I’ve never ever wanted to change my domain name to something else. I’m so happy with what my website has turned into and would never change my brand name or give it up. I have my older brother to thank for it!

Shreya Sachdev