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My Experience With Having Braces - Shreya Sachdev

Hey guys! I hope you’ve all been having a great day. For today's blog post, I just wanted to talk about my experience with having braces. This is something I've never mentioned on my website before, but I actually had braces for two and a half years. I had them when I was thirteen years old all the way till I was fifteen years old. I remember that when I found out I had to get them I was really afraid and I had so many questions about them, so I just thought it would be a good idea for me to talk about my personal experience with having braces because it's possible that there are some people who are about to get them and are worried about what it feels like to get them on. I'll just be talking about my personal experience with them and hopefully I'll be able to calm people down if they are nervous about getting them. Let’s start!

Firstly, I just want to say that everyone has braces, so I think it's important to remember that because everyone has them, people are obviously able to live with them comfortably and that’s why it's become very common for people to have them. This way, if you're afraid of getting braces, you just need to remember that people around you will always have them and that you will never be alone. When I got braces, many of my classmates had them as well and they had told me about how there was nothing to worry about, and this really calmed me down. So if you're having anxiety about getting braces then it's a really good idea to talk to people who already have them because they'll be able to clearly explain to you what it's like to get them on, how the first few days are like, and overall how life is different when you have them. Most likely, people will be comforting you and telling you that having braces certainly isn’t as bad as most people make it out to be. That’s why I really recommend talking to people who have them or have had them in the past.

In terms of actually getting braces, even though it’s quite a long process, I wouldn’t say that it hurts a lot, but rather just feels uncomfortable. It’s always irritating to have so many objects and tools in your mouth, but since dentists always give you the oral anesthetic numbing cream, it’s not likely you will feel any pain. Like I said, since it is a long process, there is a lot of patience required in the process. It can be quite frustrating to just lay there for two hours with nothing to do. I don’t know if all dentists allow this, but when I got braces, my dentist allowed me to listen to music as she worked on my teeth. The music really helped distract me from my anxiety about getting them and honestly the music got me in a more cheerful mood. Therefore, I would honestly really recommend creating a playlist that’s full of lively and happy songs before you go to the dentist to get your braces on, and this way you will be able to keep yourself entertained during the process which will make you much more relaxed.

When it comes to how braces feel for the next few days after actually getting them put on, I will admit that it’s not easy. I remember that the next day after getting braces, I had to go to school and because I was so tired from all my lessons and having to sit in classes, I was hungry but couldn’t eat anything. It’s extremely difficult to eat “hard” food because your teeth will be extremely sensitive at this point. It’s going to be very painful to bite anything with a strong texture. I remember that my school had this vending machine that would distribute frozen cookies, and I was really craving a cookie that day so I decided to buy one. The moment I took one bite out of my cookie my mouth was in so much pain. I really recommend drinking a lot of water during the day and only eating foods that have a soft texture. After the cookie didn’t work out, I decided to buy a kinder bar and because kinder bars are quite smooth, I could eat them without my mouth hurting at all. In terms of actual meals, I think meat may be difficult to chew, but foods such as rice and pasta may be easier to eat. At this point, you don’t want to put any strain on your teeth so just eat foods that are easy for you to chew and swallow. After one or two days maximum, you will be able to eat whatever you want and your mouth will feel absolutely no pain at all.

In terms of eating, however, I will say that one downside to having braces is that often times foods such as apple slices can get stuck inside of your braces. I’m someone who eats a lot of fruit, especially after dinner, and I remember that whenever I ate any sort of fruit, certain pieces would just be jammed in my teeth and it would take a lot of rinsing to get those pieces out. Also, you will have to go back to the dentist every now and then (every few months) to get your braces tightened, but this doesn’t mean that you will feel the same way you did the first time you got them. When you get your braces tightened, it might hurt for like an hour but you’ll still be able to eat any of the foods you want to eat, so if you’re worrying about having your teeth hurt constantly every time you go and get your braces tightened, you don’t need to because the pain you get when you get your braces tightened is very different from the pain you get when you first get your braces on. There’s absolutely nothing to be worried about.

That’s it for today’s blog post! I really hope that I was able to give an insight into my experience with having braces and that I was able to calm anyone down who is in the process of getting braces or just found out that they may have to get them. Even though it may feel like the end of the world, it’s really not that big of a deal and the end result is definitely worth it. I used to be very self conscious about smiling but now that my teeth look better, I’m more confident about smiling, laughing, and showing my teeth. It’s also a good idea to get braces as early as you can, because then you’re just getting it over with and you’ll thank yourself for it later. I was very fortunate to get them when I was thirteen years old, so even though I had them for the majority of middle school, I had all of high school to be without braces which was quite nice. However, I promise you that even if you get braces, you will still look beautiful and you should not be self conscious or insecure when wearing them.

Shreya Sachdev