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The Three Unsolved Cases I Find The Most Interesting - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would talk about the three unsolved cases that I am most interested in. As you guys all know, I have a section on this website titled “Unsolved Cases” and it’s basically just a section where I write up and discuss famous unsolved criminal cases around the world with hope that the families of the victims involved in these cases will get closure and be able to move past these unfortunate and horrific incidents. I want to make it absolutely clear that when I say that I find these cases interesting, it does not mean that I consider them to be “entertaining” or that I look forward to hearing about these cases because that’s certainly not true. I genuinely post about them on my website because I want to raise awareness about them and hope that families and friends who were close to the victim will be able to receive closure. I thought that this would be an interesting blog post because the “Unsolved Cases” section on my website is by far the most popular content on my website and therefore I’m sure people would want to read this post. Again, I care about all the cases I research in an equal manner, but in this post I’ll be speaking about the cases in which there’s little evidence to press charges and in which there are so many suspects that it’s really difficult to figure out who committed the crime. Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét Ramsey: (1996): Now, this case is extremely famous and I’m sure you guys are wondering why I picked this case since there is actually a lot of evidence and everyone is almost 100% sure as to who did it. If you guys have really researched this case in depth, then I’m sure you would tell me that you believe Burke Ramsey (JonBenét’s brother) is the person responsible for JonBenét’s death. I also believe this theory and the reason as to why I think this case is so interesting is because the way that professionals were able to come up with the Burke Ramsey theory is fascinating. I mean, they literally saw a bowl of pineapple sitting in the Ramsey’s home and began to look into this bowl and that’s how the Burke Ramsey theory came up. When someone is able to look at a bowl of unfinished pineapple and come up with a scenario in which they believe that a little girl went downstairs, stole some of her brother’s pineapple, and this led to an argument breaking out, you know that they have serious skills. In other words, if we come to find out that Burke Ramsey is indeed responsible for his sister’s murder, then it would be mind-blowing how well professionals were able to come up with the correct theory by just looking at a bowl of uneaten pineapples.

  2. The Unsolved Murder of Suzanne Jovin: (1998): The case of Suzanne Jovin is extremely interesting and I really want to know who the culprit is because it was such a brutal murder and it was done with so much passion that the murderer must have been close to Suzanne. Moreover, there are literally no suspects in this case. Of course, there was Suzanne’s professor at Yale University who was a suspect for a while but he was cleared and now police believe that he has no involvement in the murder, and I also believe that he is not guilty. Another really interesting thing about this case is that just a few minutes before Suzanne’s murder, she wrote an email to a friend telling him or her that she had to go get her books from “somebody.” People think that this “somebody” was the person that she was meeting later that night and might have been the person that murdered her, especially since the person she emailed has never come out and said anything publicly. In other words, this email is the only piece of evidence that people have in this case. I have my own theory on this case, and it’s that the “somebody” Suzanne was referring to that night was actually someone she knew well, but the reason as to why she refers to this person as “somebody” and not a “friend” is because she was mad at that person and didn’t feel like calling him or her a friend in that moment. In short, I believe that the person who she emailed that night is definitely involved in the murder, and I would really like to find out who the culprit is in order to see if I was right or wrong with regards to this case.

  3. The Dyatlov Pass Incident: (1959):The Dyatlov Pass Incident refers to 9 hikers who died in 1959. The case has never been solved, and there are many interesting theories that come about this case. The reason as to why I am so interested in this case is because just like the JonBenét Ramsey case, the most likely explanation for how these nine hikers died comes from such a small piece of evidence. However, with the help of professions, people were still able to come up with an amazing theory: You see, there’s a photo that was found on one of the hiker’s cameras that shows another hiker’s jackets torn and ruined. From this photo, professions believe that on the day of the deaths, the nine hikers were sitting inside of their tent and eating when all of a sudden they noticed that they were having problems with the exhaust pipe and that the entire tent was filling up with smoke. This is why they cut their tent to get out frantically and went into the woods to try and find shelter. It is possible that once they were in the woods, all nine hikers got into a fight and decided to find shelter their own way which is why their bodies were found so apart from each other. It’s possible that the two bodies that were found underneath the tree had been climbing the three to see if they could notice the tent and see if the smoke had gone and if they could go back or not. It also explains why their clothes were radioactive, and why they took them off since they knew that if they kept them on that they would die. I really think that everything about this theory makes sense, and it amazes me how people were able to piece this theory together after looking at the photos that these hikers took. However, the main point is that these hikers did die of natural causes and that there was definitely no foul play involved. If this theory was confirmed to be true, then it would again blow my mind as to how this theory even came about.

Shreya Sachdev