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The Weirdest Things I Ever Got In Trouble For At School - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would talk about the weirdest things I ever got in trouble for at school. On this blog, I have talked about my teachers and how much I disliked the IB, but I haven’t really talked about the type of things I would get in trouble for at school and thought it would make a really interesting and hilarious post. For the record, I want to point out that I was a very polite student in school who would rarely get in trouble. I think teachers liked me a lot (maybe not anymore after my blog post about them) but in general, I think I was a well-liked student because I would never talk back to the teacher or complain about anything. I’ve never been the strongest academically, but I’ve still worked hard and always tried my best and I think teachers respected that about me. However, there have been times when I was yelled at for no apparent reason due to misunderstanding, and I thought I would share my experiences with all of you today. If any of you have ever gotten in trouble at school for something you don’t think you should have gotten in trouble for, then make sure to let me know! Without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Having A Crush: This one happened when I was very young, and it’s honestly such a weird story. When I was eight years old, I was working on a presentation on Mother Theresa with two other boys in my class and the other two boys were arguing and weren’t getting any work done. I was getting really mad at them and I told them to be quiet, when one of the boys said “Sorry Mrs.Shreya.” For some reason, I was really irritated at the fact that he used the word “Mrs” since I had been told that you can only use the word “Mrs” if someone is married. So, I responded by saying “I’m not married.” To keep a long story short, my teacher overheard me say “I’m not married” to this boy and she interpreted this as me flirting with him and wanting him to know I was available. She took me aside and began attacking me with questions that had to do with whether or not I liked this boy. I told her multiple times that I didn’t like this boy and she just continued to give me a lecture on how liking boys at my age was not okay and was inappropriate. Keep in mind, I was eight/nine years old at this time and I think that’s quite a normal age for a girl to have a crush on a boy. Anyways, it didn’t even matter because I didn’t like this boy in the first place and it was completely inappropriate for my teacher to think I did even after I had told her I didn’t multiple times.

  2. Pointing A Fork: This situation also occurred when I was very young, and it happened when I was eleven years old. I was having lunch with a couple of my friends after PE (Physical Education) and this boy who was sitting with us was being really annoying. However, we were all friends so none of us were actually getting bothered by him. As a joke, I started pointing my fork towards him threatening to stab him (I was joking obviously) and the fork wasn’t even close to him nor did I have any intention of actually doing anything with it. However, the teacher sitting on the table next to us thought that I was truly planning on stabbing him and began screaming at me to put the fork down. Once I put the fork down, this teacher began lecturing me about the dangers of sharp objects and how threatening to stab someone, even my friend, was not okay.

  3. Asking My Teacher How I Can Improve: Oh my god, this one literally bothers me so much because I did nothing wrong and my teacher literally just wanted to embarrass me and make me feel bad. This one occurred in my first year of high school so I was around fifteen years old. I was doing well in all of my subjects, except I was finding Spanish really hard and wanted to know if there was any way for me to improve my grade for the final report card that was coming up soon. I emailed my teacher asking if there was a way for me to improve, and she got extremely mad at me. I’ll copy paste the email here so you guys know how dumb it was for my teacher to get mad at me:

    Hola (Name of Teacher), I’m really sorry to bother you, but I was looking over my Spanish grades and I realized I'm not entirely happy with them. Is there anything I could do or prepare for you by Friday that could possibly boost up my final grade for this term? I know it probably won't have much of an impact and I completely understand if there isn't, but if there is anything I could do please let me know :) Muchas gracias. Instead of replying to me directly like a normal person, my lovely teacher chose to wait until our next lesson to publicly humiliate me for asking her how to do better in her class. The moment I stepped inside of her class, she yelled “Shreya, what kind of email is that?” and began screaming at me for caring about my grades and wanting to do better in Spanish. Even if she genuinely had a problem with the email, then the correct thing to do would have been to take me outside privately and discuss our issues rather than scream at me in front of the entire class.

  4. Smiling At My Teacher’s Kid: I think this is hands down the funniest one on this list, and that’s because when I was seventeen years old, I literally got yelled at for smiling at my teacher’s baby. So basically, my head of year organized a special day for my year group in which we would learn about college preparation, success with school, and how to stay calm during exams: Just some skills that he believed would help us later on during the year. As I was sitting with my class waiting for my teacher to start, he began to tell us about how his wife was bringing in his baby boy because she had to go to an urgent meeting and wouldn’t be able to look after him. We completely understood and told him that there was of course no problem if he brought his baby into our class. Soon enough, my teacher’s wife knocked on the door and my teacher took his baby. His baby was literally one of the cutest babies I have ever seen in my entire life. When my class and I saw his baby, we naturally said “awww” and began to smile at the baby. Throughout the lesson, it was difficult for my class and I to concentrate because there was this cute little baby right in front of us giggling and rolling around. I absolutely love babies, so I was definitely smiling at the baby a lot. Now, my teacher actually got really angry at me for smiling at his baby. I suppose it was because he wanted me to concentrate on his lesson, but I don’t think he should have gotten mad at me for smiling…It’s honestly psychopathic if you don’t smile at a baby.

  5. Not Emailing My Teacher: This incident also occurred when I was seventeen years old, and it happened because I didn’t email my teacher to let her know that I wasn’t going to be in her class for one morning. Basically, my Geography teacher had told us that she might not be present for our next few lessons because she had to go to the UK since one of her family members needed her for something. I then found out that I wouldn’t be able to attend her next lesson since I had my French orals during the time of her lesson, but I wasn’t sure whether or not to email her about it since she was obviously going to be away taking care of her family and I didn’t want to disturb her. When the day of my French orals came, I was studying for them in the library when all of a sudden my teacher comes up to me and says “Shreya! You’re supposed to be in a lesson right now!” I was extremely confused when I saw her since she had told us that she wasn’t going to be present for the next few lessons. Nervously, I blurted out “I have my French orals” and she began to tell me that I’m at an age where I should be able to email my own teachers and let them know if I’m unable to come to class. I guess it bothered me because I always email my teachers to let them know if I am sick or won’t be able to come to class. The only reason I didn’t email my Geography teacher this time was because I didn’t think she would be present in class so I didn’t think it mattered, and because by emailing her I would be disturbing her and it would be disrespectful since she was away taking care of her family. In other words, I got in trouble for caring about her and her family.

Shreya Sachdev