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Do I Have Any Addictions? - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would share my addictions with all of you guys. I know that this seems like a strange blog post, but the other day I was thinking about whether or not I truly had any serious addictions and hobbies in my life that I couldn’t live without, and I realized that I definitely did. Whilst I wouldn’t call them addictions, I would still say that if I wasn’t allowed to do certain things in life or had certain things taken away from me, then my life would be extremely different and I would have a difficult time coping with such a change. However, I certainly wouldn’t say that my “addictions” are very different to the addictions that other 18 year olds have, since they are centered around things such as technology and other aspects that my generation is very big on and is used to, but I’m still going to share them with all of you today. Make sure to let me know about the addictions that you guys have, and the things in life that you couldn’t live without since I’m always interested in hearing what you have to say and seeing whether or not you agree with what I’m writing about. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Netflix/Binge-Watching: This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, and that’s that I’m a huge Netflix addict. It’s pretty obvious considering the fact that I’m constantly writing new film and television show reviews. Honestly, ever since my exams ended, I think I’ve started at least six new television shows and watched over ten movies. Even though I sometimes lie to myself and say that I have to watch these shows and movies because I need to review them for my website and because this is what my business consists of, the truth is that I’m just really addicted to television and am always looking for new shows and movies to watch. Some of my favorite Netflix shows include Elite, Good Girls, Baby, and Dead To Me. I also enjoy watching the old classics such as Friends, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory. Even though I’ve seen certain episodes over twenty times, I’ll still watch them again because they put me in such a good mood. Like I said, I’m also always looking for more movie and television show recommendations, so if you have any then please let me know!

Music: I’m sure that this is one that everyone can relate to, and that’s the addiction to music. My generation fortunately is exposed to some of the most talented artists out there, and as a result good music is always there. For me, whenever I get hooked onto a song, I’ll listen to it all week until I’ll get tired of it. Then, I’ll find another song to obsess over. My favorite kind of music genre is Pop, but I also enjoy the occasional Rap. When it comes to Pop, I really enjoy listening to Ariana Grande, Charli XCX, Post Malone, Bazzi, Selena Gomez, and many others. When it comes to Rap, I like Lil Pump and Lil Uzi Vert because I think they have really nice voices and because their songs are really catchy. Just like with new movies and television shows, I’m always looking for new songs to try out and become obsessed with, so if you have any music recommendations then please let me know. I also created a summer 2019 playlist and if you want to check it out then it’s right here on this blog! Some of my favorite current songs include 5 In The Morning by Charli XCX, Toxic by Invalyd, It’s A Blur by Fatlip, Get Loose by Blaze, and many more!

Taking Showers: Okay, so this one is a little bit more strange and that’s that I’m actually addicted to taking showers. I wouldn’t say it’s only taking showers that I’m addicted to, but it’s also applying face washes, cream, perfumes, shaving, washing clothes, brushing my teeth, and all that good stuff. Honestly, when I was in middle school, I took such bad care of myself. I mean, I would never wash my clothes or even wash my face. I would wake up every single day and wear the same clothes that I had worn the day before, and I would literally brush my teeth for two seconds before stepping out of the house. For some reason, I just didn’t care about my hygiene and didn’t think that it was important. Then, when I entered high school, I became completely obsessed with making sure that I had shaved everywhere, and each night I would apply different face washes/masks onto myself to make sure that I had clean skin. My real obsession, however, was perfume. I mean, I remember just raiding my mom’s cupboard one day and taking all of her luxury perfumes. I would literally refuse to step outside of the house unless I had perfume on because I wanted to make sure that I smelled good. I would say that I’m still obsessed wth hygiene, and I think it’s because I still have PTSD from how badly I took care of myself when I was in middle school, and I want to make sure that I never treat myself that way again.

Working On My Website: Lastly, I would say that I’m addicted to working on this website. I wouldn’t say that this addiction is necessarily something that’s bad, but it was somewhat of an issue when I was studying for my final IB exams. It was really difficult for me to pick up my Biology textbook and learn about active transport and passive transport when all I wanted to do was post on this website about how much I hated the IB. However, being addicted to working on my website currently is not a bad thing at all because I have so much free-time and it’s better that I put my free-time into working on my own projects rather than just watching movies all day, sleeping, and being lazy. So, I’m actually glad that I’m addicted to working on my website because if I wasn’t so committed to it and this was just something I would work on once a month, then I definitely wouldn’t be getting as many visitors and definitely would not think of this website to be some sort of a business that could lead to something big in the future. Therefore, I’m really glad that I have a website I enjoy working on and constantly want to improve and reach more visitors. Overall, that’s it for the addictions that I have. Like I said above, I wouldn’t say that my addictions are completely different from the kind of addictions that other teenagers have, especially the first two I spoke about, but perhaps being addicted to taking showers is an addiction that is quite specific to me and an addiction that not everyone else has. My website addiction is also something that’s quite personal to me, but I think any teenager who has some sort of business (website, Youtube, podcast, clothing, app, merch, etc) can agree with me on that one!

Shreya Sachdev