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The "Rebellious" Things I Did Growing Up - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would talk about the “rebellious” things I did in middle school and high school. Due to the fact that I just finished high school and am now on summer vacation, it’s quite natural for me to think back to school and remember the good times and bad times I had. For the record, I don’t think that I was necessarily a rebellious child that got into a lot of trouble in school, but I did do certain things that were frowned upon and were not allowed in school. It definitely wasn’t as bad as what some people in my grade did, however. I remember this one time in my sophomore year of high school, my grade and I had to go on our annual winter trip in January which just consisted of us skiing, snowboarding, and doing other various winter activities such as iceskating and sledding, and at the end of these kind of trips our teachers would always organize a disco for us to attend, which was extremely lame. It wasn’t as if this disco was optional, but instead we were forced to go. Some people in my grade decided that they would get drunk so that they could enjoy the disco more. To be fair, everyone was sixteen and it was completely legal for them to be drinking alcohol since this was Europe, but because it was a school trip, our teachers had made it clear to us that nobody was allowed to consume any kind of alcohol, even if it was just beer and wine. Therefore, there was a lot of drama that night and I remember how so many people got in trouble. Of course, I didn’t take part in any of that because when I was sixteen, I had never even had a sip of alcohol before. With that being said, I did do other things in school that were not allowed. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Starting from middle school, when I was thirteen years old, I would actually go shoplifting every day after school. To be fair, the place that I would shoplift from wasn’t even a proper shop. Basically, there was this little candy store around ten minutes away from my school, and my friend and I would go there everyday after school and just steal candy. This candy store owner was extremely old and he was running the shop by himself, so whenever he wasn’t looking and was busy organizing the candy in his store, my friend and I would just quietly lift up the lids of the boxes, take some candy, and put them in our pockets. We wouldn’t take a lot of candy, but instead we would usually just take a few lollipops and gummy bears and stuff them in our bag and pockets. Then, we would casually walk out of the store and as soon as we were outside, we would run for our lives. Like I said, our school was only ten minutes away from this candy store, so it wasn’t very difficult for us to get away. Once we had reached school, we would eat all our candy there because we wanted to make sure we were as far away from this candy store as possible. I remember I did this a couple of times with my friend, especially on Wednesdays because I used to do this dance class with her after school, so before our dance class started, we would go to this candy store and shoplift. This was the only time that I ever shoplifted, and I never plan on doing it again. I’ve never been brave enough to shoplift from a proper store that has video cameras, alarms, and security guards.

Another “rebellious” thing that I began to do a lot, especially towards the end of high school, was ditching class. In my junior year of high school, I picked my IB classes and I thought that the only classes I would have to go to were those six classes that I had picked. However, my school stated that all students who were in their junior year of high school would have to continue to do compulsory physical education. I hated physical education because I was just so bad at it, and my crush was in my physical education class and I was always so embarrassed when he would see me throw a ball in the worst way possible, or shoot in the completely wrong direction. That was one reason that I would hate going to physical education class and started ditching it, but another reason was just that I had so much work in the IB that I couldn’t afford to go to physical education. The majority of times that I would skip physical education would be to study for a test or study for the SATs. It wasn’t as if I would just skip physical education to chill in the hallways on my phone or watch Youtube videos, but rather it was always because I felt like I needed more time to do better on a test or an essay. Likewise, when I was in my senior year of high school and we were getting closer and closer to final exams, I decided to not go to certain classes because I wanted to study by myself and at my own pace. Around April, for example, the IB syllabus of my subjects were more or less finished, so sometimes I would skip French class to study for History, or sometimes I would skip Biology class to study for Biology, since my teacher’s style of teaching did not suit me and I learnt better by myself. Along with ditching class, I admit that I did cheat on a few tests when I was in my junior year of high school. My Geography teacher for example would always set these weekly vocabulary tests based on Physical Geography, and because I hated Physical Geography I would either never study for these tests or I would study for the definitions, but would end up studying the wrong definitions. Therefore, whenever we had a test I would try my best to copy the person sitting next to me. Likewise, in Math, my teacher would leave the class quite often for some reason, so my friend and I would just exchange our answers because she always knew what I didn’t know and I always knew what she didn’t know. Sadly, even when I cheated on these tests I still failed.

There we go! Those are the “rebellious” things I did growing up. As you can see, I wasn’t much of a rebel. I would only shoplift, ditch classes, and cheat on my tests sometimes, and even then my ditching of classes was to study for another subject, so I don’t know if it would actually be considered rebellious. I think we can all safely say that I was a pretty good kid growing up who didn’t get into a lot of trouble. For example, I didn’t even get drunk till I was eighteen years old and that was when I was completely finished with my high school exams and I was more than legal to do so. Compared to other kids in my grade, I think I was quite well-behaved. In fact, I remember there was this building next to my school which was pretty abandoned and nobody would ever go there, so lots of people in my school would use that building to smoke between classes. I suppose that’s what you would consider to be extremely rebellious and brave, and I guess I just wasn’t like that because I didn’t have the courage to be. Make sure you let me know what the rebellious things were that you did in your time in middle school and high school and as always, subscribe to my newsletter and stay tuned for my next blog post!

Shreya Sachdev