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My Favorite Healthy Foods - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would talk about my favorite healthy foods. As you guys read in my last blog post, I’ve recently started working out more and eating healthier. I’ve started going to the gym, swimming, and have eliminated refined sugar and most carbohydrates out of my lifestyle. I never used to work out or eat healthy before so this new lifestyle of mine has definitely been a big change for me, and I thought that if I wrote a blog post talking about my favorite healthy foods then it could maybe inspire all of you to start eating healthy. I really don’t want this post to come off as me lecturing anyone or trying to convince someone to eat healthy because I’m not at all a health expert. I know as much, if not less, than the average person when it comes to diet so I don’t even want to encourage anyone to trust me when it comes to this stuff. After all, I barely scrapped a pass in Biology when I was in high school and didn’t even study for the topic “Nutrition” that covered all of this. However, I have been told certain things by professionals and there are some things that everyone just knows, like how cutting carbohydrates out of your diet and replacing it with high protein food is healthier, and that’s what I wanted to talk about today. Again, there are plenty of foods that are healthy for you and you obviously don’t have to follow my list. The list in this post is very personal to my liking and it’s not for everyone, especially since I am a non-vegetarian and I know some people who are reading this post might be vegetarian or vegan so this list might not work for everyone, and I’m sorry about that. Make sure to let me know what your favorite healthy foods are and without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Fruits & Vegetables: Lol. I know this sounds kind of dumb, but honestly fruits and vegetables are not only incredibly healthy, but delicious as well. I know some people eat bacon, waffles, or pancakes for breakfast and I just think that if you’re looking for something healthier to replace your breakfast, then a simple bowl of fruits is a great way to go. It’s easy to just get a bunch of your favorite fruits and put them in a bowl and eat them. Personally, I cut up apples, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, oranges, and plums and eat those for breakfast. Moreover, because fruits still have sugar in them, it’s a great way to fulfill your sugar cravings. If you really want to eat a chocolate bar or just a piece of cake, then convince yourself that you can survive by having a bowl of fruits. The fun thing about fruits is that you can also mash them up and make a smoothie out of your favorite fruits if you don’t necessarily want to eat them. Vegetables, likewise, I think are extremely tasty. I love cucumber, carrots, celery, and corn, so if you’re feeling hungry in general then it’s a great idea to once again cut up some vegetables, put them in a bowl, and eat away, rather than having a piece of chocolate.

  2. Eggs: Okay, so something else that you could replace an unhealthy breakfast with are eggs. Personally, I love eating omelettes that are filled with vegetables like onions, spinach, and tomatoes. Eggs are very high in protein and eating an omelette at the start of the day will really fill you up. Personally, I can’t eat an omelette without ketchup and if you can’t either then that’s actually completely fine because ketchup doesn’t have a lot of fat nor a lot of calories. Before I leave the topic of eggs, I just want to say that I have read about how the more eggs consumed, the greater the risk for cardiovascular events ( and so even though they may be high in protein, they may increase the chances of certain diseases related to the heart. Again, I’m not sure sorry!

  3. Meat: Fish, Salmon, Chicken & Lamb: Another healthy food that I absolutely love is fish, along with salmon. Both fish and salmon are not only tasty but are also extremely high in protein. They both also don’t contain a lot of fat and are overall just really good for you. If I’m having rice, then it makes me feel better to know that with the rice I’m also eating salmon or fish because then I’m not only eating carbohydrates. Like my omelette, I enjoy eating fish with ketchup and like I wrote above, ketchup contains few calories with not a lot of fat so don’t hesitate to have ketchup with either salmon or fish. Then, I love chicken because it has an amazing taste. Chicken also doesn’t have much fat, and it is full of calcium and phosphorus. I also love lamb, and even though it is red meat and is said to be high with saturated fat that increases cholesterol levels and leads to heart disease, lamb meat is said to have very low levels of saturated fat. Thus, not only is it high in protein but it will also not pose a lot of harm to your heart.

  4. Lentils: Because I’m Indian, I’m always eating lentils. Dal, one of the most common Indian dishes, is made entirely from lentils. Lobia, another Indian dish, is also made from lentils. Lentils are extremely high in protein and also contain essential minerals, vitamins and fibre. Because I’ve pretty much grown up eating lentils my entire life, it’s no surprise that I feel comfortable eating lentils and that it’s one of my favorite foods. Like fish and salmon, I usually have lobia or dal with rice (or roti) but if I’m having it with rice then it’s not the worst thing since I am still getting some protein inside of me thanks to the lentils. Another quick dish that I want to mention here is idli. Even though idli is not made from lentils or anything, it is still an Indian dish that is extremely healthy as it it contains no fats, saturated fats or cholesterol. It’s sort of like a savory rice cake that’s extremely tasty and because it’s so healthy, I really recommend all of you to try it out.

  5. Quinoa: So, honestly I’m kind of lying about this one but I thought I would mention it anyway. As you all probably know by this point, I really love eating rice, and one of the ways that I’ve cut back on rice is by replacing it with quinoa. Trust me, I know it’s not the same taste and that rice tastes so much better, but it’s honestly just psychological. When I’m eating quinoa, I just try and convince myself that I’m eating rice and then it honestly doesn’t taste that bad. Quinoa is really healthy for you because it’s high in protein, fibre, and many other vitamins. Therefore, I would encourage everyone to try and eat quinoa too.

There we go! That’s a list of my favorite healthy foods. There are more foods I could’ve added in such as yogurt, almonds, salad, walnuts, and other things, but I decided to just limit it to five different kinds of healthy foods. Like I said above, this post is not for everyone because some people are vegan, some are vegetarian, and I’m a non vegetarian so I could only write about healthy foods that I am currently eating and that I like to eat. Again, I’m not an expert at all and I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to lecture you about what you should and shouldn’t eat. I literally know nothing. All the minerals and vitamins in the foods that I’ve mentioned above are just things that I’ve researched and that professionals have talked to me about, but I’m honestly still confused on the whole topic of diet and food since I’m still very new to this lifestyle that I have adapted. I’m personally very glad with this change in my diet and that I’m taking better care of my body, but honestly if you’re happy with who you are, you’re healthy, and you are able to look in the mirror every single day and find one hundred things that you love about your body then that’s all that matters. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to look a certain way or you have to eat a certain way because it’s your life and you shouldn’t let anyone control it.

Shreya Sachdev