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Let's Talk About Some Of My Biggest Fears... - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would share some of my biggest fears. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned any of the things I’m afraid of on this website before, so I thought it would be really interesting to talk about those today. Since a really big part of my website is unsolved cases and true crime, many people always come up to me and ask me whether or not I get scared reading about the cases I research about, and my answer has always been no. In all honestly, I was scared when I first began to read about these cases, but now, after researching over 50 cases, I’m not afraid but rather determined to find justice for the victims. In one of my other blog posts, I did speak about how I’m quite paranoid when I’m left alone at home since I’m scared that someone is going to break into my house, so I will also be touching on that today. In general, fear has always been something that has fascinated me because I believe that even though fear is what keeps you alive, you can’t live in fear all the time. Moreover, I’ve read statistics about how people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death which really shocks me. I’ve also read about how some people are scared of some really strange things, such as the fear of falling asleep, fear of rain, fear of trees, or even the fear of going to the bathroom. If any of you think that you have a really interesting and rare fear, then please make sure to tell me all about it since I’m always interested in hearing about what you have to say. Before we get into this post, I just want to point out that the “fears” I will be referring to in this post are more to do with death, pain, and torture, rather than things such as the fear of not succeeding life or the fear of not doing well in school, if that makes sense. Without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Kidnapped/Beaten Up: Okay, so this is quite a common fear, and that’s the fear of being kidnapped. This is actually what I was talking about on my other blog post: When I said that I hate staying home alone, it’s because I’m always worried that someone is going to break into my house and kidnap me. I’m not sure why I even think this. It’s not as if anyone would want to kidnap me or would have any reason to, but for some reason I still feel scared whenever I’m alone at home. Even when I’m out in the city by myself, I’ll be walking down an isolated street worried that someone will jump out of the bushes and try to kidnap me, or I’ll be worried that I’ll get lost when I’m walking and that I’ll end up somewhere shady and people there will kidnap me. I know this is kind of an embarrassing fear especially since I’m 18 years old, but it’s the truth. I am working on relaxing more and reminding myself that these things only happen in horror movies and in real life I will be perfectly fine. I just want to clarify that when I say I am scared of being kidnapped, this implies that I am also scared of the physical and mental torture that might come after it (obviously).

  2. The Dark: The fear of darkness is also quite common, but I wouldn’t say that this is a very heavy fear that I carry with me. I think I just always prefer to have a bit of light in my room when I sleep because it makes me feel more safe. Moreover, if I can’t see anything then I literally begin to feel as if I’ve lost my eyesight and that I have no idea where I am anymore. Therefore, I wouldn’t say that this fear has to do with me being scared of the dark when it’s nighttime, but more to do with the way I prefer to sleep. But, I will say that the fear of darkness also relates to my first fear (being alone at night and being kidnapped) because these things are more likely to happen in the dark when less people can see you and less people are around. I always prefer brightness over darkness.

  3. Sharks: This one is more interesting, and that’s the fear of sharks. I know that being frightened of sharks is quite common too, and I think it’s the result of the media. After releasing movies like Jaws, The Shallows, Open Water, and 43 Meters Down, people believe that sharks are the most evil creatures in the ocean. However, that’s definitely not true. I’ve read that the chances of a person being attacked by a shark is something like 1 in 12 million, and the chances of being killed by a shark are 1 in 264.1 million. That just goes to show you that when I’m swimming in an ocean, I shouldn’t be scared of sharks, but for some reason I still am. In fact, even when I’m in a pool, I begin to get worried that a shark is going to appear out of nowhere and begin to attack me. However, I think that everyone feels this way since when people are swimming in the ocean, they don’t what’s underneath them and even if a shark is not likely to attack you, it doesn’t change the fact that seeing a shark in the water is enough to freak people out just because their size and weight is so large and terrifying.