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The Most Interesting Things I Ever Learnt In School - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would talk about the most interesting things I ever learnt in school. I know I’ve complained a lot about school, the IB, my teachers, and talked about how I wasn’t interested in the things I learnt about during the IB because I wasn’t passionate about anything I was learning about and constantly had so much work, but now that the IB is over and I’ve really had a chance to think back on what I’ve learnt I’ve come to realize that I definitely did learn some interesting things and things that made my revision for my final exams less horrible. I am also writing this post because I don’t want to come off as ungrateful and make it seem as if I’m not thankful for the education I got, because that’s certainly not true. It’s just that there were times in high school that made me feel very stressed out and upset because I had so much work and I was always struggling to get the grades I wanted, and that’s maybe why I complained so much about the IB. I wish there could be a school system in which the entire focus was built upon learning new information, asking questions, and being insightful rather than just grades, test scores, and finishing the syllabus. In fact, I remember that there were so many times in my IB Biology class when one of my classmates would ask a question, and my teacher would respond with “I’d love to answer that question, but I don’t have time and I need to finish the syllabus.” This really goes to show you how flawed our school system is, and how school is unfortunately so much more about passing and getting good grades than genuine learning and interest. Despite the fact that I was never a top student in the IB, I thought I would still share the most interesting things I ever learnt during these two years, before I forget it all! Make sure to let me know what the most interesting thing that you learnt was at school, and without further ado let’s get started!

  1. History: Starting with my IB History course, I honestly thought that the entire course was so interesting. I’ve mentioned this before, and that’s that my IB History course was focused on medieval Europe which was very different to what I had been learning in History my freshman and sophomore year of high school. In those years, I only learnt about modern history, so my class and I were naturally very worried but also excited to try something new. I am so so so happy that my course was focused on medieval Europe because I personally think it’s a lot more interesting and challenging than modern history. One of the most interesting things I learnt was the different causes of war during the medieval times, and luckily the IB put a big emphasis on it in the syllabus so I was sure to study that section extremely hard. I studied how dynastic disputes, religious reasons, political reasons, and economical reasons were all causes for medieval wars, and it was interesting to compare and contrast the different causes and to see if one cause occurred more than the other. Out of everything I learnt in this course, I think that I’ll always remember each example I had for each cause of war because I studied so hard for that section and found it to be so interesting.

  2. English: In my IB English class, I really loved going from one book to the next and then making comparisons and contrasts between all the books, but I think what I enjoyed the most was finding different symbols in the texts we studied, and it was even more interesting to think about whether or not the author had intentionally put a symbol in his or her book or if it just came out naturally after the author had gotten to know and understand the character he or she was writing extremely well. Therefore, I wouldn’t say that it was more about learning one specific thing or learning a fact, but it was more about how this course allowed me to express my creativity and how everything was always open to interpretation. Along with symbolism, I also really enjoyed thinking about the meaning of the ending of the novels, especially the novels Perfume and 1984, because I remember that those endings always created a lot of debates in my class and we always had really interesting discussions with each other regarding the endings.

  3. Geography: Geography was such an interesting course, and even though I didn’t do well in the class I am still so glad I took it because I learnt so much from the course and I know that now when I step into the real world and take new experiences by myself, I will be more aware of my surroundings and think twice before I do something that might not be environmentally friendly. One of the most interesting things I learnt was actually about how KPOP might be able to transform South Korea into a superpower one day, due to the fact that KPOP is extremely poplar with the rest of the world, and because it allows people to not view South Korea as a danger because it’s located next to one of the most isolated countries of the world, but rather an inviting and friendly country, South Korea could begin to create more relationships and ties with other countries which could potentially boost its economy. I never really thought that I would be learning about KPOP and the media in Geography, but I did and it was really interesting to study and I’m glad I did.

  4. Biology: I’m honestly surprised that I was able to think of something interesting I learnt in Biology, but when you hear what I was interested in learning about then I’m sure you’ll understand why. As you all know, a big section on this website is “Unsolved Cases” which basically just consists of me discussing unsolved criminal cases and coming up with my own theories on them. Usually, when I research these unsolved cases I’m always fascinated by the amount of technology that goes into figuring out if there’s a DNA match, and I actually learnt about gel electrophoresis and polymerase chain reaction in my syllabus and that gave me a lot of insight as to how the technology works, and I’m very grateful I got to learn it because as someone who is constantly researching and blogging about unsolved cases, it only makes sense that I have at least some background information about this kind of technology.

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