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What Not Going To School For Three Months Has Taught Me - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I just wanted to talk to you guys about what not going to school for three months has taught me. I know this sounds like a strange blog post because if I haven’t gone to school for three months, then you’re probably wondering what exactly it is that I learnt since I didn’t have any teachers around me or any homework to hand in, and interestingly enough I actually learnt a lot about the world around me and memorized lots of interesting facts by not going to school and simply researching about this stuff in my own time, so I thought I would share those with you today. I also just want to quickly clarify that even though I did say that I was going to be taking a short one week break from this website, I had no choice but to post this blog post now, or at least sometime this week, because next week I’m actually starting school again so it wouldn’t exactly make sense for me to write about what not going to school for three months taught me, since my summer holiday would have ended by then. Also, if any of you are wondering why I haven’t gone to school for three months, then it’s only because I finished my IB exams in May and I’ve had June, July, and August all to myself and to do whatever I want. Therefore, when I say that I’m starting school next week I mean that I’m actually starting college which I’m really excited about. I’ll definitely be writing about my first few days in Toronto and how I’m feeling regarding college and making friends and everything, so make sure you stay tuned for that. For now, let’s get on with this blog post.

Firstly, i just want to say that not going to school for three months has gotten me to appreciate education so much more. It’s so funny, but when you’re in school you hate education and you don’t want to learn anything, but the moment you’re done with school it’s like you want to know absolutely everything. This summer, I’ve found so many different Youtube channels such as “The Infographics Show” that have taught me so much about the world around me that I had not learned in school. Just today, I was watching an episode on “The Infographics Show” about why a man who is proven innocent still cannot be released out of jail due to the way that the legal system has been set up, and I thought it was so interesting and it really broke my heart and shocked me to think that someone who is innocent can be locked up for so long, whereas someone who is guilty can be walking around the streets free as a bird. The crazy thing is that something like this can happen to anyone. A false witness can literally come forward and state that they saw you carrying a dead body or they saw you holding a murder weapon and even though they’re completely lying, who knows what the jury will believe? Honestly, I think being sentenced to prison for a crime I did not commit is one of my biggest fears because your life is being ruined for no apparent reason. Anyways, this happened to Benjamin Spencer who has been sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did not commit, and even though the jury believes that he is “extremely likely to be innocent” he still cannot be released from prison due to the way that court is set up, and I think that’s horrible but also extremely interesting. Along with this video, I also watched one that talked about how an 11 year old was able to survive a plane crash after the pilot, his father, and his father’s girlfriend died, due to the fact that his father had prepared him well when it came to survival skills, and I thought it was just so interesting. I watched another one that talked about how King Henry VIII decided to execute all his wives, and his reasons for doing so. This one was especially interesting to me due to the fact that I had studied medieval European history during the IB, and my course finished at Richard III of England, who is only a few kings behind Henry VIII, so I really loved watching that video and thought it was so interesting. Honestly speaking, i think that by not going to school for three months I’ve come to realize that the information that will really stick inside of you and that you will remember will be the information that you genuinely want to know about. I’ve been watching educational videos all summer and I think the reason as to why I haven’t forgotten what I’ve learnt from those videos is because when I first watched them, it was with passion and it was because I wanted to know what the video was talking about and therefore let the information sink inside of me.

So, I’ve talked about how not going to school for three months has actually made me more interested in learning and in education, but I haven’t talked about why I think that is. Like I said above, the reason as to why I remember what I watched in those Youtube videos is because I wasn’t forced to pick a video that I wasn’t interested in watching. Rather, i was free to pick the videos that I found most interesting and wanted to know more about. I think that it’s so important for education to be “interest based” because that’s when a student is going to actually be paying attention to what the video is talking about. I also think that not having to write essays, study for tests, and be assessed on how well you can justify this and that, has made me approach these videos and articles that I’ve read over the past few months with a much more refreshing and positive outlook. To sum this up, not going to school for three months has taught me that education is best when it’s “interest based” and when the student doesn’t have such a heavy workload that they need to complete by the end of the week, and can instead just watch a video or read an article without having to do anything afterwards. This is especially true for my own work. As you all know, I write screenplays in my free time and I also work on this website. I have started so many new projects and have written pages and pages of new stories, and the reason as to why I’ve stayed disciplined and have been able to finish my projects is not because I’ve had a deadline or the fear of getting detention if I don’t complete my screenplays, but is actually just because I genuinely want to write screenplays and work on my own projects. Because this is something I want to do, discipline isn’t even discipline in my case. Discipline is actually freedom.

Shreya Sachdev