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I Low Key Feel Homesick - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I wanted to talk about something that I’m sure everyone has experienced at some point in their life, and that’s homesickness. I know I said that I was going to be taking a one week break from this website, but just like yesterday’s post, I figured that I needed to post this either today or sometime this week due to the fact that homesickness is a feeling that I specifically have right now, and I don’t know whether or not I’ll have it next week since I’ll be in another city and I’ll be busy with other things, so I figured it was best to post about this now before all my feelings go away. However, after this post, I promise that I won’t be posting until the 28th-29th, and when I do start posting then, my blog posts will be very much centered around moving to Toronto and my new life there, so make sure you stay tuned for that. It’s going to be a big change for me, and this website is now transitioning into posting from a completely different location and I’m very excited for it. Anyways, for today’s blog post I wanted to talk about homesickness and the reasons as to why I’m feeling some longing for another country in Europe. As you all know, I lived in Geneva, Switzerland for ten years and this year, my mother and I moved to Madrid due to the fact that this is where my father runs his business. I was very fortunate to have moved after I graduated from high school because it’s a lot easier to move when you know that all of your friends and everyone around you is going to college and won’t be in school anyways, and so that definitely helped since I didn’t feel as if I was missing out on anything, but I do still kind of miss Geneva and wanted to talk about that today with all of you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Okay, so one of the reasons as to why I’m feeling homesick right now is actually because I just got back from Bangalore, India. I know that in the “About Me” section of this website it says that I’m from New Delhi, India, but my grandparents and my cousins (on my father’s side) actually live in Bangalore so we visit Bangalore quite often to see them. Whenever we come back from Bangalore, we always reach Geneva, and a few days ago we landed in Madrid when we came back from Bangalore and it honestly felt so weird. Even though I love taking vacations and I love seeing my family, I adore coming back to the comfort of my own home and seeing my room and sleeping in my own bed, but this time when I returned it didn’t feel like home, and that’s when it truly occurred to me that Madrid is now my new “base” and that I don’t live in Geneva anymore. I remember that whenever I would come back from Bangalore, I would always wake up early the next morning and take a walk down my neighborhood’s petrol pump because at this petrol pump they sold freshly baked donuts, cupcakes, and pastries that I had been deprived of when I was in India. I would also get coffee with my snacks and then I would come back home and eat it in my kitchen. During the next few days, I would usually take the train to downtown Geneva (which is honestly where I go everyday since it’s only a ten minute train ride) and I would meet my best friend at Gare Cornavin, or sometimes I would just go to Starbucks by myself with my laptop to work on a creative writing piece and then come back home for lunch. Geneva is also really small so there’s only one downtown area that everyone goes to, and that’s why it’s so cozy and comforting. In fact, when I would be away in India I would watch episodes of Pretty Little Liars because in those episodes the characters would always talk about how small Rosewood is and how everyone knows everyone, and because that’s the way that Geneva is I would watch those episodes to feel closer to home. When I would return from India, I also loved just being back in my room and seeing my closet that’s full of clothes and getting ready for back to school season, but unfortunately I didn’t get to experience all of that this year.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I have to start thinking of Madrid as my new home, and that’s not going to be easy only because I do still have somewhat of an attachment to Geneva since I lived there for so long and know the city so well, so it will take some time to leave Geneva behind. I think if I had some friends or people my own age in Madrid then that would be nice because I literally know nobody here, so I don’t have anyone to hang out with. I also don’t know how the busses and trains work here, so I haven’t familiarized myself with any places or streets yet, whereas in Geneva I know so many places that are absolutely crystal clear in my head and places that I could show up to all by myself without any Google Maps or any directions. It will take some time for me to get used to Madrid, but I think change is good and so far I think that Madrid is really beautiful and that there are a lot of really nice restaurants and shops. Like I said in my “Moving From Geneva to Madrid” blog post, the biggest issue here is language because I can’t speak Spanish to save my life, so I can’t really talk to anyone the way I usually would. In Geneva, I spoke fluent French so it was easy for me to communicate with others and it also felt much more homely since I spoke the local language. If anyone is going through homesickness right now, then I promise you it’s going to get better and that change is good for everyone. After all, life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

Shreya Sachdev