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Chief Just Called...He Said This Ain't It - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a nice day. For today's blog post, I thought I would talk about the things that I don't understand and the things that the majority of people do that I personally just don't get. I know this seems like a bit of a strange blog post, but I think that one of the most wonderful, and complicated things about our world is that so many people have contrasting opinions that it creates an environment where so many different thoughts are shared and listened to, and I think it's very important to hear those opinions with an open mind, so that's what I'm going to try and encourage my visitors to do today since I’m sure some people won’t agree with my opinions. I know that I might get some backlash from this post just because like I said, some people are very rigid in their opinion about a certain topic and don't like hearing any other opinions on that specific topic, which I understand to a certain extent especially if you have a personal connection regarding that topic and are passionate about it, but I feel like nowadays these contrasting opinions cause so many fights and so many arguments, especially online you see strangers just screaming at each other in the comment section under a CNN post on Facebook, which is absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. There's also an Instagram account titled "Feminist" that has over 2.5 million followers and there are some serious heated debates that go on under the posts of that account. In my blog post, I think I'm only going to mention around one thing that I don't understand which are quite political, but everything else is quite light hearted. I hope you enjoy and if you do then be sure to sign up for my newsletter! 

  1. Bribing vs Donating To A College: So, this might be on the opinions I have that might not be so popular, and that's that I don't really see the difference between bribing and donating to a college. I think when the 2019 college admissions scandal broke, not many people were surprised by it just because most people have heard of the rich finding other ways to get into college rather than the traditional route. Usually, the way that I've heard the rich get into college is through making donations to the school in the form of money. These donations are legal because the people who make these donations claim that they just want to help out the school, even though in reality it's obvious that these people are just making donations in order to increase the likelihood of their child getting into that school. On the other hand, bribing is illegal because it costs less money (donating would cost you a few millions, whereas bribing would cost you around 250,000$ I think) and bribing also involves faking athletic profiles and changing SAT scores, so it is extremely shocking, but at the same time I don't think it's very different from donating. In the end, the intentions are the same: You're only giving money in order to guarantee admission into a prestigious university. Therefore, even donating can be seen as bribing.

  2. Drinking If You're Not Going To Get Drunk: I really don’t understand people who drink if they’re not going to get drunk. Actually, I’m being a bit hypocritical right now because I just got back from wine tasting in which I had around three glasses of wine and didn’t end up getting drunk. To be fair, though, I would have loved to get drunk but my parents were there, so I wasn’t really in the mood. However, most of the time, when I drink it’s definitely to get shit faced drunk because that’s the only way I enjoy it and the correct way to drink. I understand getting tipsy, but I feel like if you’re going to get tipsy then you might as well continue and get drunk because then you’ll feel even better. The thing is, I don’t think that alcohol tastes good and literally the only reason I’ll ever drink it is to get drunk, so for me tipsy doesn’t do it. If I’m forcing myself to drink something that tastes so bad, then I want to get a lot more (drunk out of it. If any of you are wondering, my least favorite kind of alcoholic beverage is beer because in my opinion I think it just tastes awful and there’s barely any alcohol in it so I don’t understand people who drink beer. I tend to like hard liquor a lot more because it has more alcohol, and because it tastes better, so I like vodka, champagne, rum, and tequila.

  3. Love At First Sight Doesn't Exist: This is something that I actually have a very strong opinion about, and that’s about love at first sight existing. It really bothers me when people say that love at first sight doesn’t exist, because there’s no way to know for sure. People say that love at first sight can’t exist because it’s not possible to love somebody who you do not know and have never spoken to before. My argument is that when a mother gives birth to a child, then she automatically begins to have feelings and feel this emotional attachment towards her child, despite not knowing him or her. I know that parental love is different from romantic love, but I don’t think that specific point matters. I think what’s important to realize here is that feelings and emotional attachment can arise from means other than getting to know somebody and understanding their personality. If a mother is able to give birth to a child and immediately love him or her without never having spoken to her baby before, then who is to say that a person can’t fall in love with a stranger by just watching him or her? Feelings can arise from different places and I believe that seeing somebody you don’t know can still definitely trigger some kind of memory that make someone fall in love with you.

Shreya Sachdev