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Stressful Times That Didn't Actually Require Me To Be Stressed - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a nice day. For today's blog post, I thought I would talk about the stressful times in my life that didn't actually require me to be stressed, and the times in which I was worried for literally no reason. A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post titled "My Worst Habits" and in that post I spoke about how one of my worst habits is actually always assuming the worst and being stressed out in situations in which there's nothing to actually be worried about, and would actually do me better if I just calmed down for a second, took a deep breath, and stopped being so paranoid. I feel like everyone has those moments, and in fact when I was in the IB, I did a presentation that's similar to what I'm going to be talking about. If any of have done the IB or are currently doing the IB, then you know that there's a course called "Theory of Knowledge" that you have to take if you're doing the diploma program, and if you don't know what this course is about, then I really wish I could explain to you what it's about, but after supposedly studying it for two years I still don't know and can't explain it. It's kind of like philosophy and sort of challenging beliefs and asking questions about the world around us, but anyways I had to write up a presentation for my TOK class and my friend and I chose to do it on how much we can trust emotion vs how much we can trust logic, and through my research I found that often times when the stakes are really high, a person's emotion will cloud their clear logical thinking because they care a lot more about the situation. In the situations that I'm going to be talking about, I think emotions clouded my clear logical sense which is why I was so stressed out even though I didn't have to be so stressed. Let me know whether or not you sometimes get stressed out when there's no reason to be, and without further ado, let's get started!

  1. Walking Back Home: So, when I was in my sophomore year of high school I went to my best friend's birthday dinner, and after we all got dinner we went to this bar and met up with some people from the grade above us because my best friend was really good friends with the people from the year above, and since I don't usually go out late a lot I thought it was a really big deal and I was pretty worried about what time I would get to go back home and what train I would take. The train in Geneva that I had to take wasn't very frequent, so I had to keep checking the train timings to make sure I knew when the next one was, and the one after. It wasn't like the busses in Geneva which come like every five minutes, so I always had my phone out and knew which train was coming when. Anyways, I remember taking the 10:33 train or something, and I had a good night and I was feeling confident so when my parents texted me asking me if I wanted to be picked up from the train station once I had reached my stop, I decided to tell them no and say that I could walk from the train station to my house, which is around a ten minute walk (slightly uphill) but I thought I'd be fine and I knew that my friends would come back home late at night all the time so I thought I'd try it. Anyways, I reached my stop and I got off the train and began walking up the hill to get to my house, and it was of course completely secluded. After 10pm, Geneva is completely dead. There are maybe only two or three people on the street, so it is understandable for someone to feel a little unsafe if it's so quiet, regardless of the fact that Geneva is extremely safe. Anyways, as I was walking up the hill, I saw a man in front of me and he wasn’t moving, but rather he was just standing still and staring ahead. I did think it was a little odd, but decided to just continue walking and ignore him. As I passed by him, I heard the man say “Bonjour Madame” and begin to follow me. I completely freaked out because there was nobody else around us, so I started crying and began to call the police, when all of a sudden the man was like “Shreya, it’s me. It’s dad” and when I turned around and actually got a good look at the man, it really was my father. My parents had decided that they didn’t want me to walk alone at night, so my dad had decided to go and wait for me in the middle of the hill so he could walk up with me, but he just didn’t tell me. He said “Bonjour Madame” as a joke and thought that i would find him funny. I was pretty mad at him for acting like a freak in the middle of the night, but I was so relieved to see him there and now it’s just a really funny memory.

  2. Missing The Train: This is quite similar to the first memory I talked about, and this happened to me a few months ago in October. I was on top of this mountain with my friends because we were celebrating a birthday, and it was around 9:00pm and we decided to head back down the mountain and get our bus. Unfortunately, we had to take a cable car to get back down to the mountain, but when we got there we saw that there were no cable cars and that we had to wait another half hour until the next cable car came. I was really worried by this point because I had told my mom to pick me up at a certain time, and because my phone was running out of battery I was scared that I would miss my train, and then I would have to take the one after but my mom wouldn’t be there or something, so I was definitely panicking because like you guys have read above, I don’t like walking alone at night since Geneva is so quiet and secluded when nighttime comes. Luckily, the cable car came which took us down to the mountain, and then we all got on the bus and we were in downtown Geneva just within a few minutes. Honestly, once we were down from the mountain everything was completely fine and I was so confused as to why I had been freaking out at the top. I reached home perfectly safe and I was with all my friends and I was supposed to be having a good time, but due to my paranoia I didn’t let myself, which I now regret.

  3. Being Late For My Exam: This one happened to me very recently, and it happened during my IB exams. If you guys are OG readers of my blog, then you know how much I hated the IB program and how much I regret taking it just because it was so stressful and put me through so much pain and hardship. Anyways, by the time May rolled around I was really ready to get my exams over with. I had been studying hard, and to a certain extent it didn’t even matter to me what I got in them because I just wanted it to be over, so I was more focused on making sure that I was on time for all my exams and memorizing my exam schedule so I knew exactly when to show up for which exam. Plus, the teachers in my high school told me so many horror stories about kids missing their exams. One student in my school thought his Math exam was in the afternoon when it was actually in the morning, so he slept in until the school called him and told him that his Math exam was actually in the morning, so he had to run to school and it must have been such a stressful experience. Another story I heard was that a girl was walking out of the school, when she got hit by a car and couldn’t take more of her exams since she was in hospital and needed to rest, so she had to take her exams in November, which is such a shame. Anyways, I was determined to not be late for any of my exams so that I could be completely done in May. However, one day, I was taking a nap after school and all of a sudden I woke up and I began freaking out because I thought I had an exam, so I ran downstairs and told my mom that we needed to hurry up since I couldn’t be late for my exam. As it turned out, it was a Saturday and it wasn’t even 7:00am in the morning, it was 7:00pm in the night, so I had no reason to be worried. However, I think that this really goes to show you the amount of trauma I had at the time and how worried I was that I was going to miss one of my exams, and how there was no way I could even think about redoing them in November.

Shreya Sachdev