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Answering 100 JUICY Truth or Truth Questions - Shreya Sachdev

  1. What was the last thing you searched for on your phone?

    Lori Loughlin College Admissions Scandal Update. Lol.

  2. After you've dropped a piece of food, what's the longest time you've left it on the ground and then ate it?

    Just two seconds.

  3. Have you ever tasted a booger?


  4. What's the first thing you would do if you woke up one day as the opposite sex?

    Probably just like…feel my body parts.

  5. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?


  6. Do you cover your eyes during a scary part in a movie?


  7. Do you sing in the shower?


  8. What was your most embarrassing moment in public?

    When I was at a bar and couldn’t drink a Blowjob Shot without using my hands, and everyone at the bar just stared at me with embarrassment.

  9. What would be in your web history that you’d be embarrassed if someone saw?

    Probably something like “How to flirt with your crush”

  10. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?


  11. Do you drool in your sleep?


  12. Do you talk in your sleep?


  13. What does your dream boy or girl look like?

    Just a boy who is kind, smart, and funny, and doesn’t use emojis or have a dog.

  14. What color underwear are you wearing right now?


  15. What was the last thing you texted?

    “When does University of Geneva start again? September or October?” (to my best friend)

  16. How often do you wash your undergarments?

    I actually don’t wash bras that often, but I wash everything else extremely often.

  17. Have you ever tasted ear wax?

    No wtf.

  18. Have you ever tasted your sweat?

    No wtf.

  19. What is the most illegal thing you have ever done?


  20. Would you trade your sibling in for a million dollars?


  21. If you were allowed to marry more than one person, would you? Who would you choose to marry?

    Nobody right now.

  22. Would you choose to save 100 people without anyone knowing about it or not save them but have everyone praise you for it?

    Save 100 people without anyone knowing about it.

  23. If you could only hear one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Pound The Alarm - Nicki Minaj. Don’t ask me why.

  24. Would you rather live with no internet or no A/C or heating?

    No AC or Heating.

  25. If you were reborn, what decade would you want to be born in?

    2050 or sometime in the future.

  26. If you could go back in time in erase one thing you said or did, what would it be?

    Nothing. You gotta live life with no ragrets.

  27. If you could suddenly become invisible, what would you do?

    Go to a bar and drink a lot.

  28. Have you ever been caught checking someone out?

    Yes. When I was thirteen, I went rock climbing with my grade and it was my turn to hold the other person’s harness thing so they wouldn’t fall, but instead of focusing on the harness I was just staring at my crush rock climbing and my group was very mad at me.

  29. Have you ever waved at someone thinking they saw you when really they didn't? What did you do when you realized it?

    I have really bad eyesight, and I do actually wear glasses, but only in school to see the whiteboard from far away. My parents tell me to wear them all the time but I never do. Anyways, when I was fourteen years old, I went to my city’s local university to do these science workshops, and a lot of people in my school were also attending them. As I was waiting for the introductory announcement to begin, a girl who was a few rows in front of me turned around and was like “Hey!” and I thought she was talking to me so I was like “Hey!” and waved back to her. I didn’t recognize her but assumed she went to my school or something, but then I realized that we really didn’t know each other and that she was just waving to somebody else behind me. Awks.

  30. What's the longest time you've stayed in the bathroom, and why did you stay for that long?

    Lol. When I was like sixteen years old, I was supposed to be moving away to Madrid and I really didn’t want to change schools so I would stay in my bathroom and take really long baths just so I didn’t have to overhear my parents talking about moving there since it would really stress me out and then I wouldn’t be able to focus on my homework afterwards and stuff.

  31. What's the most unflattering school picture of you?

    Probably my Year 8 photo.

  32. Have you ever cried because you missed your parents so much?

    No wtf. In fact, when I was seven years old and lived in Paris, my school took us away to the circus for five days, and all the girls in my room missed their parents so much that they were crying the entire night. In order to fit in, I literally fake cried the entire night so I wouldn’t be the only one not crying. In reality, my parents were the last thing on my mind and I was having so much fun on that trip.

  33. Describe the strangest dream you've ever had. Did you like it?

    I don’t remember any of my previous dreams, but I do remember one dream in which I was in a library with a bunch of random people in my grade and we were all trying to get away from this clown who was trying to tag us. I actually thought it would be a cool idea for a movie.

  34. Have you ever posted something on social media that you regret?

    Oh my god. When I was like twelve years old, I had a crush on this guy and he started dating another girl, so i would post all these quotes like “He’s MINE. Touch him and I’ll kill you” and a bunch of other really weird quotes dedicated to this girl.

  35. Have you ever ding dong ditched someone?

    Yes, when I was eleven years old I went to a birthday party and over there my friends and I ding-dong ditched a bunch of houses.

  36. The world ends next week and you can do anything you want (even if it's illegal). What would you do?

    Probably just like eat whatever I wanted and drink a shit ton of alcohol because there are no consequences.

  37. Would you wear your shirt inside out for a whole day if someone paid you $100?


  38. What is the most childish thing that you still do?

    I mean, I’ll still watch childish TV shows if I feel like it and I want to cheer myself up.

  39. Tell us about a time you embarrassed yourself in front of a crush.

    Yikes. There are so many I don’t even know where to begin. I posted a blog post titled “My Most Embarrassing Moments” and over there I talk about a few times I’ve embarrassed myself in front of my crushes so if you want you can check that out, but the most recent experience I’ve had was actually on the night of my high school graduation. The night of my high school graduation there was a cocktail party and I got extremely drunk on champagne, so I ended up going up to my crush and telling him that I thought he was really hot and that I had a very big crush on him. The rest of the night’s a blur and I’m honestly glad I can’t remember what he said or the way he acted. I vaguely remember him saying something like “I’ll catch up with you later” but I don’t know for sure and I don’t plan on texting him to find out.

  40. Have you ever kept a library book?

    Yes, but not because I liked it so much but because I was just too lazy to return it.

  41. What children’s movie could you watch over and over again?

    Probably like Home Alone or some shit.

  42. Do you have any silly nicknames?

    My parents call me “Gogu” and some people in my grade call me “Shrey Shrey” but honestly not really.

  43. How many pancakes have you eaten in a single sitting?

    Probably like three.

  44. Have you ever watched a movie you knew you shouldn’t?

    Yes, when I was like eight or nine years old I watched some weird stuff.

  45. What app on your phone do you waste the most time on?

    Probably Instagram. I’m actually thinking of deactivating it for a couple of months.

  46. Have you ever pretended to be sick to get out of something? If so, what was it?

    Yes. I used to pretend to get sick all the time in high school to get out of physical education. Throughout middle school and high school, I only had male physical education teachers so I would just tell them that I had period cramps and they would be too uncomfortable to talk about it with me and would just excuse me. It worked every time.

  47. What is the most food you’ve eaten in a single sitting?

    I don’t think I’ve ever eaten like a lot of food, but I think that if I had the opportunity to, I could easily eat two McChicken Menu’s (with fries and coke) and a box of 20 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, and still have room for dessert (like an Oreo milkshake) just because McDonald’s is my favorite fast food place of all time.

  48. Do you dance when you’re by yourself?


  49. Would you have voted for or against Trump?


  50. Do you still take bubble baths?


  51. If you were home by yourself all day, what would you do?

    Probably go to the living room and turn on the television as loud as it can go to make sure that I don’t get robbed.

  52. How many selfies do you take a day?

    I rarely take selfies, but sometimes I’ll play around with the Snapchat filters.

  53. What is something you’ve done to try to be ‘cooler’?

    Wear designer clothes.

  54. When was the last time you brushed your teeth?

    This morning!

  55. Have you ever used self tanner?

    No. I’m Indian so I’m naturally quite tan.

  56. What do your favorite pajamas look like?

    I have an oversized red t-shirt that says “Morocco 2017” on it because I went to Morocco with my IB Geography class two years ago, and I love to sleep in it because it’s so oversized and comfortable. Then, I just wear ankle length pajamas and I have a really nice pair of black ones that I like to wear. Something I quickly want to say is that in India, we actually call pajamas “night suits.” Little fun fact for ya.

  57. Do you have a security blanket?


  58. Have you ever eaten something off the floor?


  59. Have you ever butt-dialed someone?


  60. Do you like hanging out with your parents?

    Ehh, depends. If I’m with my older brother than it’s alright.

  61. Do you lick your plate?


  62. Do you write in a diary?

    This blog is my diary. Lol.

  63. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?

    Yes, but I started liking him before they started going out.

  64. Would you rather go for a month without washing your hair or go for a day without wearing a bra?

    A day without wearing a bra.

  65. Have you ever asked someone out?


  66. Have you ever had a crush on a person at least 10 years older than you?


  67. Do you ever admire yourself in the mirror?


  68. Has a crush ever found out you liked them and turned you down?

    The real question is “Has a crush ever found out you liked them and NOT turned you down?”

  69. Do you secretly love Twilight?


  70. Have you ever wanted to be a cheerleader?


  71. If you could marry any celebrity, who would it be?

    Manny Montana.

  72. If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?


  73. If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you want to be stranded with from our school?

    My crush, even though I don’t have one at the moment.

  74. Jock, nerd, or bad guy?

    A mix of a bad guy and a nerd.

  75. What's the sexiest thing about a guy?


  76. Describe your dream career.


  77. If you could eat anything you wanted without getting fat, what would that food be?


  78. You are going to be stuck on a dessert island and you can only bring five things. List them.

    Phone, AirPods, food, water, and perfume.

  79. Would you date someone shorter than you?

    I don’t think such a person exists.

  80. If someone paid you $1000 to wear your bra outside your shirt, would you do it?


  81. How long have you gone without a shower?

    A day.

  82. What's one thing you would never eat on a first date?

    Bruschetta because it’s messy to eat.

  83. What's one food that you will never order at a restaurant?

    Probably like squid or some shit.

  84. If you could only use one swear word for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?


  85. If you could play a prank on anyone without getting caught, who would you play it on?

    One of my teachers.

  86. Have you ever pretended to like a gift?

    For my ninth birthday, I got handcuffs from a girl in my class so yes.

  87. Would you rather not shower for a month, or eat the same meal everyday for a month?

    Eat the same meal everyday for a month.

  88. If your crush told you he liked your best friend, what would you do?

    Tell him my best friend’s a lesbian. Just kidding…

  89. What if you best friend told you that she liked your crush?

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be okay with it.

  90. If you knew your friend's boyfriend was cheating on her, what would you do?

    Tell her.

  91. Have you ever told a lie about your best friend to make yourself look better?


  92. Who's hotter? You or your friend?

    My friend.

  93. Have you ever shared your friend's secret with someone else?

    Probably in like middle school.

  94. Would you rather be skinny and hairy or fat and smooth?

    Skinny and hairy.

  95. Describe your perfect date.

    Dinner and walking along Lake Geneva.

  96. Have you ever gotten mad at a friend for posting an unflattering picture of you?

    Yes, but it was a video.

  97. What’s the biggest deal breaker for you?

    If the boy uses emojis.

  98. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

    Yes. I had a crush on my IB History teacher and my Theory of Knowledge teacher. When I was in middle school, I had a crush on a Geography teacher who I had seen around but had never actually taught me, and then he did teach me when I entered my sophomore year of high school and I stopped liking him immediately because he was such a bad teacher.

  99. Have you ever regretted something you did to get a crush's attention?

    One time, I had to put up a poster for an exhibition I was doing, and my crush had a bunch of pins so one of my friends gave me my crush’s pins. Then, I purposely broke it just so I had an excuse to go back to my crush and talk to him by apologizing. I said “I’m really sorry I broke your pin” and he said “Oh no it’s fine.” Mission successful.

  100. If you could make $1 million, would you drop out of school?


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