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I Bet You Didn't Know This About Me - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would tell you guys some interesting facts about myself. A couple of months ago, I wrote up a blog post titled “Seven Secrets About Me…Shhh…” and I got a lot of positive feedback on it and I genuinely enjoyed writing it myself because it gave me time to think about myself and what defines me as a person, so I just thought I would post something else that would enable you guys to get to know me better. I’ve thought of a couple of things and I’ve gone through this blog to make sure that I’ve never mentioned them before and that this is brand new information that you will be learning about me today. I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll say it again: I’m not writing this because I’m obsessed with myself and think that people want to know everything about me, but rather I’m writing this because I post a lot of content like unsolved cases, film reviews, creative writing, and much more and I think that it’s useful for people to know who the person behind these posts are. Whenever I read an interesting article, I’m always interested in knowing the author’s background and what inspired them to write this post. Make sure to let me know interesting facts about yourself, because I always want to know more about my website visitors and what kind of interests they have. Without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. I’m Extremely Ticklish: If there’s one thing that’s really embarrassing about me then it’s that I’m extremely ticklish. In fact, I can’t even be touched without feeling ticklish. I would say that I’m most ticklish around my neck and the moment someone touches me there, I’ll just scream in the most high pitched noise. When I was in my freshman year of high school, I remember that my two best friends and I went to H&M to go shopping, and over there we all went inside one changing room, and my friends began to tickle me and I literally couldn’t breathe. I was screaming so much that it almost sounded as if something serious was going on in there, and I’m really surprised that the store manager didn’t kick us out. Then, when I was in my junior year of high school, my Geography class and I went to Morocco to look at the different kinds of deserts, and at one point our teachers allowed us to get massages. Unfortunately, I could barely stay still during the massage because I was so ticklish that they person massaging me had to stop half way through. It was humiliating but funny at the same time.

  2. I Have A Really Weird Laugh: This is something that people have told me, and it’s that I have a really weird and contagious laugh. I didn’t actually notice this at first, but the other day I was laughing at something that happened in my English class and I realized just how squeaky my laugh sounds. There have been times when I’ve laughed in class and people have turned around and looked at me like I’m losing my mind or something, but yeah overall I just have a very unique laugh that is extremely loud and really high pitched. If you ever meet me in person, then try and make me laugh and hopefully you’ll be able to hear it for yourself.

  3. I Blast Music: I don’t know what volume you tend to put your music on, but in my case I’m always blasting my music. Of course, if I’m in school and I’m studying then the music will be on a very low volume, but usually when I’m listening to music only to listen to music then the sound will be extremely high and it will usually be blasting through my ears. My mom always gets annoyed with me and tells me that she can hear my music and that I should lower the volume, but more importantly she says that if I don’t stop playing my music really loudly then I may damage my ears which I suppose is true. Nevertheless, I love playing my music really loudly especially if it’s a song I’m really into because it always gets me in a happy mood.

  4. I Never Finish Milk: I used to think that I was the only one who did this, but it turns out that I’m not the only one! From a very early age, my parents have forced me to drink at least two glasses of milk each day for calcium intake and to build muscle, and whenever I drank my milk I would always leave a little bit of my milk at the bottom. I don’t know why, but I just always thought that drinking the very bottom of the milk was disgusting since all the chocolate would pile up and it wouldn’t really taste like milk. It turns out that years later, I’m still doing the exact same thing. Even if you give me a very small cup of milk, I’ll still leave some of the milk at the very bottom. Like I said above, I used to think that I was the only person who did this, but then a few years ago I watched Zoella’s video where she shared some facts about herself and answered some questions, and she stated that she also left the milk that was at the bottom of her glass untouched. It was so cool for me to find someone else who did this too, especially since my family had always made it seem like there was something wrong with me when I left milk at the bottom of my cup, but it turns out that a lot of people did this too. A couple of months after this, my own best friend told me that she also did the exact same thing!

  5. I’ve Never: Something that most people have experienced at some point in their life is getting stung by a bee, or breaking a part of their body. However, these are two things that have never happened to me. I remember walking around with my brother one day, when all of a sudden a bee stung him and he started freaking out because it was hurting so much. Since then, I’ve always been very cautious of whether or not I’m close to a bee or not. I suppose it’s because I’m so careful that has stopped me from getting stung by a bee all these years. Then, I’ve never broken any part of my body which is also strange since growing up, literally everyone in my class had broken a part of their body at least once. To be fair, growing up I never did anything rebellious or was a very sporty person so I suppose it makes sense that I never broke anything. I do remember one traumatic incident in which I was riding my cycle in my neighborhood and I fell onto the bushes. I started crying and my arm really hurt, so I thought I had broken it, but it turned out to have just been a sprain.

  6. I Don’t Wear Makeup: Lastly, I’m an eighteen year old girl and I don’t wear makeup. I don’t know if this is surprising or not, but I feel like most teenage girls do wear makeup and girls in my school certainly did, but I was just never that girl. In middle school, I actually wore a lot of makeup but then I stopped because when I would take my makeup off, I would have a difficult time even looking at myself in the mirror, so I decided that I had to get more comfortable looking at my natural face, so that’s one reason why I choose to not wear makeup, and honestly another one is just that I don’t know how to properly put makeup on and I really suck at it. My mom never wears makeup either, so she’s never taught me how to put it on and I know there are Youtube videos and stuff but I still just mess it up. And most important of all, I never find time in the morning to put makeup on because I’m just so lazy.

  7. I Can Cook…: I’ve never had to cook for my family or anything, but the truth is that I really enjoy cooking and I think that I’m pretty good at it. I can’t cook a lot of crazy difficult dishes, but I can cook simples dishes like pasta, pizza, and omelettes, for example. Then, I can make really good pancakes, waffles, french toast, and cakes. I would really like to learn how to cook more dishes because I think that I’m very good at knowing exactly how much of something to put inside a dish, and that’s why my flavoring is extremely on point and people tend to find what I cook to be quite tasty. Personally, I think I cook better than both my mother and father.

Shreya Sachdev