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My Most Savage Moments - Shreya Sachdev

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I thought I would talk about some of my most savage moments. I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of stories to write about on this website, and because I just finished high school most of my stories are from things that happened to me in high school, but I also think back to my times in middle school to see whether or not I can share any stories from there. I’ve talked about my most embarrassing moments, and I honestly had so much fun writing that post that I’m planning on writing a blog post talking about my most awkward moments, which will kind of be like a part two from my most embarrassing moments blog post. However, today I’ll be telling you guys all about my most savage moments. I do want to point out that I consider myself to be a really nice person and that I’m never mean to somebody for no reason, and if I am then that’s completely accidental and something I never intend on doing. Despite being a nice person, there are times when people say things or do things that make me angry or make me do something that I wouldn’t usually do, so I thought that talking about those moments would make a fun and interesting blog post, and would of course also enable you guys to get to know me better. I was able to think of only three different times in high school in which I was a “savage” and surprisingly, they all happened this year. Like I said, I’m a nice person and I'm definitely not a savage for the most part. Make sure to let me know the times that you were a complete savage and what prompted you to act the way you did, and without further ado let’s get started!

  1. School Group Chat: Okay, so this moment occurred before my senior year of high school and it was over a group chat. Basically, during my sophomore, junior, and senior year of high school, I was part of this club in my school called “4U”, but there were times when it was also called “Students Helping Students”, so I’m honestly not really sure what to call it. Anyways, this group basically just consisted of students who have been in my school for a long time, who want to help students who are new to the school fit in and overall make their transition a lot easier. Being in the group also means that students can come to you for help with their problems and you are there to assist them, give them advice, or just give them an ear to listen to. Honestly speaking, I joined the group because I liked the group’s mission and I genuinely thought it was a really nice idea for students who have gone through middle school and high school to help people who are entering those stages in their life for the first time, but I also of course wanted to do it because this club does count as my CAS for the IB. In order for me to graduate, I had to fulfill some sort of requirement which meant me joining a club and doing some service for a couple of months. Some of my friends were signing up for this club so I decided to join it too, and we would meet once a week to go over our ideas and discuss how we can help more and more students in my school who are having a tough time. Anyways, in August of my junior year of high school, the group coordinator texted our group chat and told us that she wanted all of us to wear our 4U shirts on the first day of school. Now, for some reason this just really bothered me because even though being in this group is a commitment, she was talking to a couple of incoming juniors who were about to start the IB. For me, the first day of school has always been really exciting and I remember how days before the first day came, I would organize my school backpack, my pencil case, get super organized, and of course plan my first day of school outfit. It’s honestly what makes school suck less, so when my teacher started suggesting that we wear our 4U shirts on the first day of school, I had enough and texted back: “Guys for real - to all the Year 12s out there, you are getting so many new people this year you guys don’t wanna wear ur 4U shirts on the first day of school make sure to spike up that new first day of school outfit to impress dem new hot boys/hot girls.” My teacher wasn’t too happy with me, but my fellow 4U members were happy that I stopped them from having to wear their 4U t-shirts on the first day of school so it was worth it in the end.

  2. No Cake For You!: My friends and I always talk about this, because it’s honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever done, but it’s also so so so petty. In fact, I don’t even know if I would call this savage because it’s so immature. Anyways, to keep a long story short, this guy in my grade and I kind of had a “falling out.” I mean, I honestly don’t know what to call it but after he did something pretty cruel to me, I sort of just realized that he was treating me really badly and that I was kind of letting him walk all over me. Basically, it got to the point where this person kind of just took me for granted and assumed that no matter what he did to me, I would still always be there. Therefore, I decided to kind of “teach him a lesson” but it didn’t exactly go as planned because I came out looking like the ridiculous one. To give a little bit of background and explain how this whole thing started, you need to know that this guy is in my English class, and that for a while my English class had this tradition where we would each bake a cake or bring in food for the class each week. When my turn came, I baked a vanilla flavored cake for my class and everyone was really excited to eat it. When class started, I walked around and began to hand out everyone a slice of cake, and when I got to this guy’s table, I handed out a really big slice to the person that was sitting right next to him, and then just went on to the next table without giving any cake to the guy that I had the falling out with. I could tell by his face that he was really surprised and wasn’t expecting me to not give him any cake, and to make it even funnier, I kept turning around and giving the person he was sitting next to more and more slices just so I could irritate the guy I had the falling out with, and later that day he told my best friend (who is also really good friends with him) that he was mad that I didn’t give him a piece of cake and that he was planning on baking a cake next week and giving it to everyone except me. Lol. If any of you are wondering, that didn’t happen in the end and I did end up properly apologizing to him and telling him my reasons for doing what I did.

  3. Let’s Play A Game of Truth or Truth: Finally, this moment occurred to me in March of this year, and this is the one that I’m most scared of speaking about on this blog because if the person who I’m talking about finds this post, then it could just end up in a very awkward and uncomfortable position for both of us, but I suppose since we’re both leaving high school it doesn’t matter so much. Basically, in March of this year, my Geography teacher and the other Geography teacher in our school decided to organize a retreat for us which just consisted of exam advice, study tips, and going over Geography keywords in order for us to make sure that we knew exactly what the question was asking us for. It was a tradition that these two teachers had been doing for years now, and I even remember my brother who graduated from high school five years ago going on this Geography retreat. The program started at around 5:00pm, but then it went on until 2:00pm the next day, so we obviously went out for dinner and then came back to school to sleep. There was one classroom for where the girls were supposed to sleep, and another for where the boys were supposed to sleep. As us girls got our sleeping bags ready and switched off the lights, we decided to play some fun games in order to entertain ourselves before we fell asleep. We weren’t sure whether or not we wanted to play Truth or Dare, since doing a dare was slightly risky with the teachers right outside and we obviously didn’t want to get into any kind of serious trouble right before our exams, so we decided to just play “Truth or Truth.” We were having lots of fun and we would always laugh really hard when the answers got super deep and emotional. Soon enough, one girl got the question “What have you done to be cooler?” and the moment she got asked this question, I blurted out “Oh, dated (the name of her boyfriend” and things got very awkward. In order to understand why this was so funny, you need to know that most people in my grade consider the relationship that this girl has with her boyfriend to be kind of fake and superficial, so it was just a funny thing to say. Personally, I really like this girl and I like her boyfriend a lot too. I think they’re well suited for each other because they’re both sweet people, so blurting this out was literally just a joke on my behalf, but a lot of the girls in that room took it seriously and thought it was hilarious due to the history behind it.

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