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The ACE Family

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Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day. For today’s blog post, I wanted to talk about the famous Youtube channel known as “The ACE Family.” I’m sure you guys have heard of this Youtube channel since it’s quite popular. The channel has over seventeen million subscribers to date and this channel has accumulated over two billion views to date as well. If you haven’t heard of this channel, then this channel basically just consists of a family of four: Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, along with their two daughters who are known as Elle McBroom and Alaïa McBroom. This family is extremely young, with Catherine Paiz being twenty nine years old, and Austin McBroom being just twenty seven years old. Elle McBroom is three years old, and Alaïa McBroom is only a few months old. Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz have revealed in videos that they plan on growing their family and that they do want to have more kids, so it’s likely that we will see them having more children in the future. For now, the family’s net worth is estimated to be at thirteen million. Their vlogs mainly just consist of their day to day lives, and their kids’ lives. Anyways, the reason as to why I want to talk about this channel today is because The ACE Family is my favorite channel on Youtube, and also because they’re an extremely controversial channel. Just yesterday, The ACE Family has been involved in another scandal which includes Austin McBroom putting a jet ski in his swimming pool which forces the water in the swimming pool to fall out and land on his neighbor’s property. This all started because a man tweeted talking about how the water from the McBroom’s pool was leaking into his uncle’s garden, and how the chlorine from the pool was destroying the grapes that were growing in this garden. This upset a lot of people, since people believe that the McBroom’s should be more considerate of their neighbor’s property. Thus, I’m going to be talking about the recent scandal and I’m also going to be talking about them in general, since I know for a fact that a lot of people love them, but a lot of people hate them too. Let me know what your opinions are on this Youtube channel, and without further ado let’s get started!

To start things off, I’m just going to be talking about them generally. The reason as to why I think people dislike The ACE Family is because according to some people, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz use their kids to make money and they’re constantly posting about their kids. They post very personal things too, like their daughters going to the doctor’s office and getting a shot, or their kids learning to be potty trained. Some people believe that things like that should be kept private, just to respect the child’s privacy. Many people think that when Elle and Alaïa grow up and become teenagers, they’re going to be upset with their parents and that they’re going to want their parents to take down the videos of them growing up because they might feel embarrassed knowing that the entire world has watched them get their ears pierced or take their first steps. Whilst I can see where people are coming from, I don’t particularly think that there’s anything wrong with what they’re doing. Their daughters are extremely young, and in the videos they post online you don’t get the vibe that Elle and Alaïa are uncomfortable with their parents filming them. There’s one video on their channel titled “Unexpected News At Baby Check Up” and in that video, Elle is eating pasta and she has sauce all over her mouth, so Austin starts filming her and Elle shakes her head, so Austin says “Oh you don’t want me to film you? Okay” and then switches off the camera, so I think that really goes to show you that Austin McBroom does respect his daughter and would never film her doing anything that he knows she would feel uncomfortable doing. In the videos, the family is always smiling and they seem like such a lovable family that I don’t think it’s fair to say that Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz are “using” their daughters for money and that they don’t care about how their daughters feel about Youtube. Along with this, there are so many people that don’t like The ACE Family because they don’t like how Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz “spoil” their children. If you’ve seen Elle and Alaïa’s Instagram pages, then you would know that they’re constantly covered in designer clothes and have expensive handbags, even though they’re too young to understand how valuable those clothes and handbags are. A lot of people believe that Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz should just buy their children regular clothes and handbags, since they’re so young and should have a normal childhood, and that’s why many people don’t like how spoiled the two girls are. Personally, I again don’t think there’s anything wrong with spoiling your child. If you have the means to do so, then why wouldn’t you buy your children everything they want? After all, it makes them happy and lets them know that their parents love and care about them, and Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz have worked incredibly hard for that money, so they should do what they want with it. it’s their money, and they should spend it the way they want.

Addressing the controversies, they’ve been involved in the scandal I mentioned above (jet ski in the pool) most recently, but they’ve also been involved in a scandal that involved Austin McBroom filming Catherine Paiz’s three year old half sister reaching for a dildo due to the fact that she believes it’s a lollipop, and then Austin McBroom laughing about it and buying it for her. This video went extremely viral, and in the video you can really see Austin McBroom laughing and encouraging the little girl to get the dildo. It’s honestly quite disturbing to watch, and I have a hard time talking about it, but the reason as to why I’m bringing it up is because I want to talk about something that I think gets overlooked a lot, and that’s how young Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz are. Before I start explaining what I mean by this, I just want to clarify that I know The ACE Family has been involved in other scandals like pretending their house had a break in, not giving away their money to charity like they had promised, and various other things, but I don’t believe any of those rumors, which is why I don’t think it’s worth talking about. However, when it comes to the lollipop video, it’s clear evidence that Austin McBroom did do something wrong, and something very inappropriate and that needs to be talked about. Like I was saying before, both Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz are really young. I know they’re in their late twenties and they’re adults, but they haven’t quite reached the stage in which they’ve truly matured, and I feel like because of how young they are, the lollipop video can be “excused.” I don’t want to use the word excused, but I think they can be forgiven for it. It would be a lot creepier to see a forty or fifty year old man doing something like this, whereas a man in his early twenties who hasn’t quite reached the stage where he’s fully grown up nor understands the consequences of his actions can be more understandable.

In the end, I just want to say that I really love The ACE Family. I know that what we see is just what they’re posting on their Youtube channel and social media platforms, but I really get the sense that Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz are loving parents who only want the best for their kids. Sure, they make mistakes, but so does everyone, and even though Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz are parents, they’re very young which is why they sometimes act immature, and I think that’s okay. I’m sure that as the years go by, we’re going to see a change in the way that Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz act in front of the camera, because everyone learns from their past mistakes. If any of you are wondering what I think of the jet ski in the pool scandal, then like everyone else I think that what Austin McBroom is doing is quite inappropriate and dangerous. The thought of putting a jet ski in your pool is something that only a youngster would think of doing, and that’s why I’m not surprised that Austin McBroom had this idea, but then didn’t properly think about how his neighbors would feel. I’m sure that once he finds out that actions are impacting his neighbors’ property, he will remove the jet ski out of his pool. Again, let me know what you think of The ACE Family and if you agree with my opinions since I’m always interested in hearing what you have to say!