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Hamlet (1602) - Shreya Sachdev

Hamlet (1602) is a play written by William Shakespeare. This movie is about a king, (King Hamlet) who has recently died and has been replaced by his brother named Claudius. This movie revolves around King Hamlet's son, named Prince Hamlet. The movie starts off with two watchmen who observe a ghost, the ghost of King Hamlet. However, whenever they try and approach him, he always disappears. These two watchmen realize that if King Hamlet does not want to talk to them, he definitely would want to talk to his son. The two watchmen tell Prince Hamlet about his father, and Prince Hamlet is eager to see what is going on. That night, Prince Hamlet follows the ghost of his father into the forest, where his father tells him that it was Claudius (his brother and the new king) who poisoned him. After this shocking news, Prince Hamlet starts acting crazy and creates a plan to expose his uncle. This play then revolves around how the different characters respond to Prince Hamlet's change in behavior as well as whether or not they believe him. Hamlet is by far my favorite play written by Shakespeare. I had the joy of studying it in my Higher Level English class and absolutely loved it. This play explores many different themes and the amount of hidden symbolism I found after doing a lot of analysis on the play was amazing. I would give Hamlet a 10/10 and I encourage everybody to read this play. 

Shreya Sachdev