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The Outsider (1942) - Shreya Sachdev

The Outsider is a 1942 novella written by Albert Camus. This movie is about a man named Meursault who appears to have no emotions and absolutely no feelings regarding the way he reacts to the situations around him, such as his mother dying, his girlfriend telling him that she loves him, or even shooting a man for no reason. Let me start off by saying that this is an excellent novella that challenges another aspect of philosophy and goes back to the question that all philosophers ask: "What is the purpose of life" and "Why have humans been placed on earth?" The main character has a different way of viewing the world. It's interesting to see a novella so controversial and out there, Albert Camus does a fantastic job by making the audience think about these philosophical questions and making readers think outside of the traditional perspective of the world in which we live in. More than anything, I think this novella is very eye opening and somehow all the readers are able to sympathize with a murderer and understand his perspective. I would give this novella an 8.5/10

Shreya Sachdev