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Perfume (1985) - Shreya Sachdev

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is a 1985 literary historical fantasy novel by German writer Patrick Süskind. Perfume explores the idea of the emotions related to what scent can symbolize, the importance of love, and how easily society can be manipulated. Perfume has become one of my favorite novels because I really enjoy how unique and different this novel is. Patrick Suskind is able to make readers view the main character, Grenouille, as heroic yet as psychopathic. Patrick Suskind's use of symbolism and physical imagery helps readers convey every single character's emotions and thoughts and makes us have an even greater appreciation of this novel. This book is unique not only in its idea, but by the way that Patrick Suskind attempts to convey the meaning of the novel and his message. In my opinion, I believe that Patrick Suskind is trying to convey the importance of love and the consequences that the world will endure if love is not spread around. Rather than writing a straight forward story to convey this meaning, Patrick Suskind creates a distinctive story that encourages the reader to dig beneath the surface to understand the message. I would give Perfume a 10/10. 

Shreya Sachdev