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The God of Small Things (1997) - Shreya Sachdev

The God of Small Things is a novel that was published in 1997 and is written by Arundhati Roy. The God of Small Things is set in the small town of Kerala and as a result many of the main themes and motifs are a reflection of Indian culture. Some of the main themes in this novel include importance of the Indian caste system, memories and past experiences, dealing with guilt and heartbreak, anglophilia, and many others. I had the pleasure of reading this novel in my English class and as a result I have analyzed this novel quite a lot. This book was very interesting for me to read because I myself am from India and therefore could understand what Arundhati Roy was trying to convey through her writing. The reason as to why I really enjoyed reading this book was because there were many different messages and symbols in the book. In other words, it took more effort to figure out what the main subject of the book was. I still don’t know what this book really is about and that’s what I love about it: It’s open to interpretation and each person takes away a different lesson from the novel. The way Arundhati Roy writes is truly amazing: It’s like she knows exactly which words to choose and which phrases to use. I would give The God of Small Things a 10/10.

Shreya Sachdev