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A Woman To Impress - Shreya Sachdev

I stared at her photo. She had long, silky blonde hair that looked as if it went all the way down to her waist. She had diamond blue eyes that  shimmered through the screen into my own eyes. I couldn’t see what kind of body she had, but I didn’t think it mattered to me. Her smile was so inviting and engrossing that I was positive I was going to have a splendid night. This was my first date after the divorce and I didn’t want to come off as looking as if I was some heartbroken, unsuccessful old man. Despite how difficult the past couple of months had been for me, I was now ready to put myself out there again and meet new women. My date’s name was “Sasha Sokolov” and the website said that she was age twenty nine.

I’ll admit that when I found out about Angela’s affair, I truly thought that I would never be able to pull myself out of bed again. She was my high school sweetheart and we had been together for many years. She was the least person I thought would ever hurt me and would ever crumble my heart. Nevertheless, as I was growing up, I was taught to watch out for change and to never expect too much from anybody. In the end, I couldn’t control how she felt about me anymore. I ended it with her on good terms and that was that.

I would be lying if I said that there weren’t days that I didn’t regret yelling at her and lashing out at her. Even though she didn’t feel the same way about me anymore, she didn’t have to go behind my back and see somebody from her workplace and instead could have just told me how she felt. For months on months, I would continue to be the best boyfriend she would ever have. I would cook for her, I would always be the one who made our bed, and I would buy her the most luxurious gifts that every woman desired. To a certain extent, she seemed as if she was just using me for those superficial things.

Despite the resentment and irritability that I felt to a certain extent, I was mature enough to understand that there was no point dragging the argument on for so long. We were done. I just had to accept it and move on with my life. I was going to get nowhere in my life if I continued to chase her and not let her go. There were going to be other women that I would have a chance to meet and fall in love with. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I had to at least try. My first date after my divorce tonight was my first step forward and I was glad that I was forcing myself to walk into that restaurant and show Sasha what an incredible man I truly was.

I looked around my office and saw that many people were glued to their folders or their screes and working to their maximum. Every single one of my colleague’s eyes seemed to be hanging as if they had been carrying weights glued to their pupils. Meanwhile, I had been sitting in my chair the entire day and was looking at pictures of the restaurant that Sasha and I were meant to go to tonight. I wanted to have a look at the menu and make sure that I was going to order something that was easy to eat and something that wasn’t going to spill all over me and make me look like I was a complete fool.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the restaurant’s menu anywhere and was quite perplexed by the website itself. It was difficult to navigate my way around it and decided to give up searching for the menu. I just told myself that I would go home and pray that Russian food was easy to eat.

Looking around my office once again, I realized that nobody had moved from their seat and that everybody was still working away. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to sneak out and start getting ready for my date. Even though my date was six hours away, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try on my tuxedo and make sure that everything was just right because I definitely didn’t want to be panicking last minute. I slowly began to stand up, still looking around in paranoia and anxiety. I had missed so much of my job during the time of Angela and I’s divorce that many people began to question whether or not I was still committed to my work or not. Silicon Valley was the one place where you just could not afford to show a loss of dedication and perseverance. We had the most successful people lined up to invest in our business and everybody knew that the only way they would second guess our commitment to the project would be due to my absence.

I had stood up and tucked my chair in. It made a small creaky noise but luckily all eyes were still attached to screens and folders. I picked up my coat and twisted it around my body. It was painfully freezing outside and I didn’t want a last minute cold to jeopardize my date with a future possible partner. The zip on my jacket was tightened all the way up to my adam’s apple and the sleeve of my sweater was touching the glove of my wrist.

I could see a couple of people looking up from their computer screens now and I could see the way in which they were disapprovingly exchanging looks. I decided to avoid eye contact and completely disregard them. They didn’t have a big date tonight that they were getting nervous about as each second passed by.


I perused myself in the mirror. It was 6:00 pm and my date was in two hours. When I had gotten home from work, I had immediately taken a shower with a heavy load of my fanciest soaps and shampoos. I had shaved my beard which I had kept for as long as I knew Angela. In a way, it felt as if removing my beard was another way of removing her. I could feel myself getting rid of her as the blade scraped against my hairs, almost releasing me from the pain that she caused me. After my shower, I had taken my Michael Kors hairspray shot it down my hair, wanting my date to be attracted to not only my body smell, but the smell of my hair as well.

The one thing that I was disgusted by whilst staring at myself in the mirror was how small my biceps looked. When Angela and I were going through our difficulties, I completely stopped going to the gym and taking care of my body. I thought that eating my feelings would somehow ease the pain of Angela leaving me and so I would eat junk all day and withdrew my gym membership. Staring at my body now, I didn’t just regret the way I physically reacted to my breakup with Angela, but now regretted my entire relationship with her. If it wasn’t for her in the first place, I wouldn’t be looking like some wrinkled and ancient dragon. My clear skin seemed to have been washed away and left my body with shriveled, dry fabric that no women would enjoy running her hands along.

I told myself that for now, I would keep my blazer on and that there would be no sex happening tonight. This date was mainly just for us to get to know each other and that I would be able to think of a solution to my wizened skin later on. I continued to exam myself in the mirror and noticed that with my blazer on, my biceps appeared larger and that if I was lucky, Sasha would view me as an extremely muscular guy that was ready to sprinkle my masculinity all over her.

It was only around 6:15pm, but I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to get there early just incase I got lost trying to find the restaurant. I had a difficult time finding my way around this restaurant’s website and so I knew that the right thing to do would be to visit the restaurant in advance since my chances of getting lost on the way there were extremely high.

There were a couple of other reasons that I was eager to get to the restaurant early. Due to the fact that I couldn’t find the menu on the restaurant, I thought it would be useful to go to the restaurant and get the menu from there. I couldn’t get the mirror image of myself eating like a pig out of my head. I had never tasted Russian food before and I definitely wanted to see what it looked like so I could plan the way I consume the food. The other reason that I wanted to get to the restaurant early was so that I could locate the bathroom. I certainly didn’t want to appear as an idiot searching for the bathroom and asking the waiters where it was with my date thinking that I was a complete ignoramus. Clearly, asking for help was a sign of weakness and unmanliness. The last reason that I wanted to get to the restaurant early was just so Sasha didn’t see the type of car I had. I had an old Renault Laguna that had many scratches and scrapes all over the windshield and the glass of the windows. I didn’t want Sasha to think that I was a cheap man who could only afford poor quality vehicles such as the one I currently had. If I wanted to appear as a potential future boyfriend, I needed to show her that I was completely capable of taking her out to ornate and sophisticated restaurants and holidays that would keep her in a relationship with me.

After thinking deeply about the different scenarios that I could find myself in if I didn’t head to the restaurant early, I realized that it definitely would be best for me to drive there early just to be safe. I took one last look in the mirror and ran my fingers through my hair to make sure that my hair wasn’t too moist nor too dry and then headed out the door.

I was sitting in my front seat staring at the restaurant in front of me. I almost couldn’t believe at what I was staring at. I knew that this  restaurant was definitely the most classy place I had ever been to in my entire life without even stepping inside yet. I could see round glass tables that had silk royal chairs around them with napkins in the shape of a swan. There were glistening chandeliers that blinded my eyes despite how far away I was. I could see Da Vinci’s paintings on the polyester walls of the restaurant and color changing pillars standing next to the bar of the restaurant. The fact that it was so incredible from inside made me glad that I picked this restaurant. Sasha would see this place and realize how I was truly able to afford the most luxurious of them all. Wanting to make sure that I knew beforehand what I would be eating and where the bathroom was, I started walking inside the restaurant.

The moment I walked inside, classical music floated into my ears and my mind felt as if it had finally found the cure to all my migraines and headaches. The environment wasn’t too cold or too hot, and was rather pleasant to the point that a person could pick whether or not they wanted to keep their jacket on. The chandeliers looked divine from outside but from inside, it was just something else. They had the ability to make anybody forget completely about the food and captivate anyone with the way they held those pale crystals. One sight of those pearls dangling from those crystals was enough for a person to have that gleaming image plotted inside their minds for their entire life.

A waiter carrying plates of some sort of food walked past me and every single spice crawled up my noise as I panted in arousal. The smell of food reminded me to check the menu to figure out what I was going to order and to make sure it was an easy to eat dish. I walked over to the front table and picked up the menu, but my mind whizzed around in anxiety when I saw the words “gravy” and “soup.” As I perused the menu some more, I noticed that they did have bread and vegetables. I thought that this would definitely be a bonus, since this was not only easy to eat, but was also a healthy choice. Sasha would see me as a man who cared about what he put inside of his body and wanted to be healthy to live a long life.

Sasha still had around 30 minutes to get to the restaurant, but I thought I would still sit down at our table and brainstorm some topics to discuss at dinner. From her profile online, I could see that she was a zealous lover of politics and international relations. Current events definitely weren’t something that I knew a lot about, but I did have knowledge about the main topics in the news, such as climate change, gun control, and artificial intelligence. I had read about them some more in depth beforehand so that I would be able to carry out an intelligent conversation with her and impress her even more.

I had done everything I could to prepare for this date, and now all I had to do was wait.

Shreya Sachdev