Creative Writing

Here is a page outlined to show my creative writing and just a few pieces that I have written. If you happen to like these short pieces, then please feel free to go to the page titled “Shop” on my website where you can purchase all of my published books.

Red Wine - Shreya Sachdev

Red Wine

I sit at the bar, you walk by

Our eyes connect for half a second, you still act as if I'm not there

I sip my drink, it tastes bitter and looks like blood

I stare at it, it shimmers and begins to glisten 

I look at you again, you're with her

The pearls you gave me on the 27th are still wrapped around my wrist

I snatch them off and slide them down my drink

The bartender looks at me funny, eager to take my glass away

My pearls melt in my drink, and get wrapped around my tears

I sit at the bar, you call my name. 

Shreya Sachdev