Creative Writing

Here is a page outlined to show my creative writing and just a few pieces that I have written. If you happen to like these short pieces, then please feel free to go to the page titled “Shop” on my website where you can purchase all of my published books.

Flower Girl - Shreya Sachdev

Flower Girl:

Getting dressed in a pastel purple dress

Holding your bouquet of red tulips

Shuffling around with them before the ceremony starts

Staring at yourself in the mirror to make sure you look perfect

Adjusting that bow in your hair so your baby hairs don’t spike up

Hearing your cue and slowly starting to walk down the aisle

Gently dropping each flower elegantly next to each bench

Walking as steadily as possible, not wanting the moment to end

Finally, arriving at the end of the aisle

No longer a flower girl

But one day, a bride.

Shreya Sachdev