Creative Writing

Here is a page outlined to show my creative writing and just a few pieces that I have written. If you happen to like these short pieces, then please feel free to go to the page titled “Shop” on my website where you can purchase all of my published books.

The Minotaur - Shreya Sachdev

The Minotaur:

My heart drops in trepidation

This horrifying monster stood there, simply pursuing me

My mind, almost as blank as it’s pale empty eyes

Its fat, dominant hands clenched, getting ready to strangle me with superiority

The hair on its arms prickling as static as the horns on its head

My head spinning as I see the sharpness of its middle tooth, like a blade about to slice me.

The green on his skin so envious that the redemption shows on its face

Its muscles flexed with dominance that the veins of his arms pop

Its nostrils looking like two bullets pierced into its nose

It takes one step forward and the entire island shakes as he’s blasted my eardrums

Oh my oh my, the more it gets closer the sharper its teeth start to look

My palms are sweating and my knees have never trembled this much

My organs flame up as my entire body melts into shreds

And in this moment, I know this is the end

Shreya Sachdev