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Film Analysis

Happy Death Day (2017) - Shreya Sachdev

Happy Death Day revolves around the main character named Theresa who wants to figure out who her killer is and to stop herself from dying. The biggest question in the film is who wants to kill her and why. Happy Death Day starts off with Theresa waking up in another boy's dorm room and encounters a boy in the room with her named Carter, who Theresa is rude and unkind to. As the day goes on, the audience learns that everybody calls Theresa by the nickname Tree. The audience also learns that Tree treats everybody she meets badly and isn't nice to anybody around her and is instead mean to everyone. The audience is also introduced to the fact that it is Tree's birthday but that Tree isn't too happy about it being her birthday due to the fact that her deceased mother and her share the same birthday. Thus, Tree's birthday brings up the unwanted memory of her mother dying on this day which is why Tree continues to ignore all of the phone calls she receives from her father. Tree also states that she wonders if or if not her mother would be proud of her new transformation and what her mother would think of her, letting the audience know that perhaps the reason Tree is so cold and bitter with everyone is due to the fact that her mother has passed away. As the day goes on, Tree is walking to her surprise party when she encounters a figure with a baby mask, who ends up eventually killing her. Tree then wakes up to another day that was the exact same as before, but then first does not believe that she has lived through the same day before and instead chooses to believe that her strange feelings must just be from deja-vu. However, when the same baby mask figure kills her during her surprise party which prompts her to wake up the same way she did two days ago, Tree realizes that she is living the same day over and over again. Tree tells Carter about how worried she is and Carter lets her know that he believes that she has unlimited amount of lives and many opportunities to figure out who her killer is, which leads her to create a suspect list. After crossing out every suspect that she initially created, Tree comes across a news headline that states there is a serial killer that has escaped and is now targeting young women. Hearing about this, Tree tracks down this killer and then kills him. However, she still wakes up in the same bed and lives the same day over again. Extremely confused, Tree then realizes that the previous night, she ate the cupcake that her friend Lory made for her, which she had thrown away and ignored every other night. Finally realizing that the cupcake is poisonous and that it is actually Lory that is trying to kill her, Tree shoves the cupcake inside Lory's face and kicks her out of the window. The interesting thing that is never mentioned in the film is what causes this loop in the first place and why Tree is actually living her day over and over again, as well as the fact that she is not only living the same day over again, but so are the people she meets and the entire world around her. Digging a little deeper into this, it is clear that this is due to some shift in the heavens or something from above that is causing this day to be lived over and over again. Due to her mother being deceased and the fact that her mother and her share the same birthday, it makes sense to think that it was possibly her mother that caused this loop for Tree in order to help Tree go back to her usual self and become the better person she once was.

Shreya Sachdev