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Film Analysis

It (2017) - Shreya Sachdev

The 2017 horror film, It, is based on the best-selling novel of Stephen King and is directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. It is about a group of young boys living in a town called Dairy Maine who are portrayed as the “loser boys” who must all come together to defeat an ancient evil that resurfaces every 27 years in their town. This evil is known as the infamous Pennywise, The Dancing Clown. Pennywise is not your typical dancing clown, but is rather just one of many forms the evil force known as It takes. His true form is a mass of destructive lights known as the dead lights which we see referenced to when Pennywise’s eyes glow light orange throughout the movie, and they also make an appearance at the end. Even though it is said that It has many forms, Pennywise appears to be It’s favorite as this is the disguise that helps lure his victims, as the majority of his victims are children. It exploits its individual children’s phobias and fears by taking the form of a real life incarnation of whatever they fear the most. Like with Eddie, one of the members of the loser’s club, is terrified of a certain disease. It uses this to his advantage and disguises himself as this disease to frighten Eddie. It believes that the more frightened the children are, the more tasty they will be when he eats them. It has actually been present in Dairy Maine for thousands of years, and been involved in many of the large criminal investigations inside of the town. We see many of these being referenced to when Ben, another member of the loser club, looks inside a history book and sees many criminal cases that occurred in Dairy Maine years and years ago. Every 27 years, It returns to the town to feed on more victims. It is thus during It’s latest feeding cycle that we begin our story. The story begins with Ben, a boy, who has constructed a toy boat for his younger brother named Georgie. Georgie takes this boat and makes it swim across the puddles but the boat unfortunately goes down the sewer. This is when we meet Pennywise, as he appears in the sewers. He is able to lure Georgie, and then bits off Georgie’s arm. However, this is only the first of It’s attempts to torture the boys, as he focuses on each of the members in the loser club specifically by feeding onto what they fear the most. Unfortunately, the members in the loser club don’t only have It to worry about, but also have a gang of bullies that are worried about too. Yet, this gang of bullies is what causes these boys to realize the strength that they have when they all come together. When the gang of bullies follow the boys into the woods, the boys respond by throwing rocks at them and the bullies disappear. This is when the boys realize that they are stronger together, and they are brave enough to stand up to their parents and teachers who don’t treat them right. This idea is crucial to the story as it is the boys working together that is able to finally defeat It. In the beginning, however, It continues to frighten the members in the loser club, and they get very shaken up about the experience. They don’t believe that they are strong enough to fight It, and head their separate ways. However, they are forced to reconcile when Beverly is ultimately taken by It. The group go down the sewers, attempting to find Beverly. Meanwhile, we see that Beverly has woken up to find Pennywise dancing for her. Beverly, however, does not appear to be scared as she claims that she has already faced the greatest fear in her life: Her father. The boys find Beverly, and come together to destroy It. This is their combined strength that weakens Pennywise, as Pennywise is powerless without the group’s fear. Pennywise runs away, and the boys manage to escape. However, the group knows that this may not be the end of Pennywise and promise each other that they will return again in 27 years if Pennywise returns to Dairy Maine.

Shreya Sachdev