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Candy Jar (2018) - Shreya Sachdev

Candy Jar is a 2018 comedy film directed by Ben Shelton and stars Sami Gayle, Jacob Latimore, Christina Hendricks, Helen Hunt, and Uzo Aduba. Candy Jar is about two teenagers in their senior year of high school. Both these teenagers are very high-achieving students and hope to get into top universities, such as Harvard and Yale. Together, they are the presidents of the debate team and must come together to win the competition in their final year of high school. Therefore, the story revolves around how these two students learn to get along with each other and what they learn about themselves during that journey. I actually really liked this movie, even though I didn’t think I would. I thought it would be a cliche competition between two students in high school, but it turned out to be a lot more than that. In the movie, you not only see the two students competing with each other, but also their backgrounds and how their family life influences the decisions they make throughout the movie. There is also some good comedy in this movie and some solid acting. It is, however, slightly boring towards the end and I had trouble paying complete attention to it when the time came. Nevertheless, still a nice movie that I would award a 7/10.

Shreya Sachdev