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I Am Mother (2019) - Shreya Sachdev

I Am Mother

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I Am Mother is a 2019 drama/thriller film directed by Grant Sputore and stars Clara Rugaard-Larsen, Hilary Swank, Rose Byrne, and Luke Hawker. I Am Mother is about a dystopian society in which all human race has been wiped out and it is now up to robots and artificial intelligence to bring humans back. One robot, who is known to us as Mother, raises a child all by herself in a lab. Throughout the movie, this child is known aa daughter. Daughter is told by Mother that she cannot step outside of the lab due to the amount of contamination and toxicity levels that are outside. As a result, daughter feels trapped and constantly wonders whether or not there are more humans just like her or if Mother is wrong about her predictions. One day, Daughter’s curiosity leads her to opening the front doors of the lab and that is where she finds a woman who desperately needs her help. Daughter, interested to see another human being, opens the door and the woman steps inside. Daughter letting this woman step inside is what begins a hole in Daughter’s relationship to Mother. When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it was really interesting. I love movies that are set in dystopian societies. Moreover, I thought this movie would be especially interesting because the audience would also get to see the relationship between a daughter and a mother. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with this movie and didn’t think it made any sense. Firstly, there’s barely any background information on why there are no humans left in the world anymore, and there’s also no explanation as to why the robot only chooses to create one daughter. Throughout the movie, the daughter’s actions regarding the stranger in their lab is also very confusing. Personally, I didn’t like the film and would give it a 5/10.

Shreya Sachdev