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Kidnapping Stella (2019) - Shreya Sachdev

Kidnapping Stella

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Kidnapping Stella is a 2019 German thriller film directed by Thomas Sieben and stars Jella Haase, Max Von Der Groeben, and Clemens Schick. Kidnapping Stella is about two men who kidnap a woman off the streets in order to ask for money from her wealthy father. Even though these men have planned everything out, they underestimate this woman’s ability to fight and her determination to escape. Furthermore, one of the abductors has a connection to the kidnapped woman that may cloud his thinking and enable his emotions to get in the way of the kidnapping procedure. Thus, this entire story revolves around how this woman escapes from her abductors as well as the relationship between this one abductor and kidnapped woman. Now, if this plot sounds familiar than that’s because this movie has actually been made before. Kidnapping Stella is the German re-make of the British film “The Disappearance of Alice Creed” that was released in 2009. There are small changes made to Kidnapping Stella, but it definitely is more or less the exact same film. Personally, I liked Kidnapping Stella because I thought that the acting, cinematography, and screenplay was good. If you have watched the Disappearance of Alice Creed, then you know that the abductor and the kidnapped woman are still in a relationship when she gets kidnapped. On the other hand, in Kidnapping Stella, the kidnapped woman and abductor are broken up but the kidnapped woman is pregnant with the abductor’s child. In my opinion, I thought that the pregnant story was a much more interesting twist than what happened in The Disappearance of Alice Creed. There were times when some of the dialogue didn’t make much sense in Kidnapping Stella, but overall I enjoyed it and would give it an 8/10.

Shreya Sachdev