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The Perfect Date (2019) - Shreya Sachdev

The Perfect Date

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The Perfect Date is a 2019 comedy/romance film directed by Chris Nelson and stars Noah Centineo, Camila Mendes, Laura Marano, and Matt Walsh. The Perfect Date is about a high school teenager (played by Noah Centineo) who wants to get into Yale University, and has a very entrepreneurial spirit. The film begins with the audience acknowledging that him and his friends are constantly creating apps and embarking on various business projects. One day, he gets paid to go on a date with someone and this is when he realizes that he can turn this into a business (getting paid to go out with people or performing other kinds of services). Unfortunately, this movie follows the same old cliche with the main character doing something for the wrong reason and using a girl, and then ending up in love with her. In some ways, the film reminded me of 10 Things I Hate About You. Therefore, there’s nothing new about this movie. Furthermore, the beginning of the film doesn’t really make any sense and it’s too abrupt for the audience to understand anything. Whilst the acting and cinematography are spot on, the storyline is garbage. Hollywood has seen this kind of movie so many times, and now we need something new. I would give The Perfect Date a 6/10. Sure, it’s a nice one time watch with friends on a Friday night, but nothing memorable about it.

Shreya Sachdev