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TV Show Analysis

Stranger Things Season Two (2017) - Shreya Sachdev

Our story picks up right where it had left off. Eleven has now disappeared, and Will is back home. The boys are trying to return back to their normal life by going to the arcade and going trick or treating. We quickly realize that Chief Hopper is secretly keeping Eleven with him inside of his home, and feeding her her favorite food. We also learn that there is a new girl named Maxine to the show along with her horrible stepbrother, Billy. Along with this, Joyce is now dating a new man named Bob. Soon, we learn that things are definitely not going back to the way that they once were due to the fact that Will continues to have nightmares and hallucinations about the upside down. There seems to be a new monster that is frightening him, and this is known as the shadow monster. This monster represents the evil of the upside down and is what ultimately leads the kids to join together once again to defeat this monster. Will expresses his concerns to Bob, and Bob responds by telling him to scream at the monster in order to scare it away. Will follows this advice, and screams at the monster the next time that he sees him. Rather than scaring the monster away, however, the monster uses one of its limbs to create a smoke tornado circling around Will and causing spirals of smoke to enter into him. Will already had a bit of the upside down inside of him, but after this, a big part of the shadow monster is now inside of him and as a result, Will is fundamentally changed. Will and the upside down now clearly have a link, and this means that if the upside down feels pain, then so does Will. The gang is thus forced to cause Will to feel pain if they want the upside down to be destroyed forever as Will is connected to the upside down. The gang needs to find a way to get the upside down out of will, because they know that if they don’t then Will will die with the upside down. Remembering that the upside down hates heat, the gang brings Will to Hopper and Eleven’s cabin in the woods where they heat up the room to hopefully get the monster out of him. This hurts the upside down, but hurts Will as well as we see black veins forming on his entire body and his violent reactions. Finally, the monster is released from Will’s body. Eleven and Chief Hopper then make their way to the lab, where Eleven is able to use all of her powers to finally close the gate to the other dimension.

Shreya Sachdev