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The A-List Season One (2019) - Shreya Sachdev

The A-List Review

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The A List is a 2019 British thriller series created by Dan Berlinka and stars Lisa Ambalavanar, Ellie Duckles, Rosie Dwyer, Jacob Dudman, and many others. The A List is about a girl named Mia (played by Lisa Ambalavanar) who arrives at a summer camp on an island and begins to realize that there’s something seriously wrong with not only the island she’s staying on, but one of the girls from the summer camp named Amber (played by Ellie Duckles) who acts extremely strange. Therefore, this entire show revolves around how Mia tries to figure out what’s going on on the island as well as how Amber is managing to trick everyone into believing that she’s innocent and a victim of bullying. When I first saw the trailer for this show, I thought it looked really good so I thought I would check it out. After watching the first few episodes, I was completely hooked. I think that this show has a lot of cliffhangers and unanswered questions at the end of each episode that makes you want to keep watching more. There are, however, some dumb characters on the show that sometimes make the show extremely unrealistic, but other than that I do think it’s an enjoyable show. I don’t have an issue with the amount of characters there are in this show because I actually think that it’s a good amount of characters (not too little, not too many) and that it’s easy to keep track of everyone, but I just wish that the characters were somewhat smarter. I dislike every single character in this show except for Mia, and I just wish I could like more characters because then it would make the show a little bit easier to watch. Anyways, if you enjoy a good mystery then I do recommend you check this show out since it’s definitely entertaining. I would give the first season of The A-List a 7/10.

Shreya Sachdev