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Awake: The Million Dollar Game Season One (2019): - Shreya Sachdev

Awake The Million Dollar Game

Awake The Million Dollar Game / Awake The Million Dollar Game Review / Awake The Million Dollar Game Season 1 Review

“Awake: The Million Dollar Game” is a reality game show in which contestants are forced to stay awake for 24 hours and then engage in various activities for the chance to win one million dollars. During the 24 hours that the contestants are awake, they are forced to count quarters and must make sure that they are counting them correctly because the accuracy of their count will come in crucial later on in the game. Now, I actually love game shows, especially when there’s money involved. I’ve always been a big fan of “Total Wipeout”, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, “University Challenge”, and “Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old?” Obviously, the majority of these shows have a lot to do with general knowledge but I still love watching shows that involve contestants doing some crazy activities. What I really like about “Awake: The Million Dollar Game” is that the activities in the show aren’t actually too difficult to do. The challenge comes due to the fact that the contestants are sleep deprived. The show purposely chooses activities that include reflexes, hand eye coordination, and accuracy because these are all things that sleep deprivation messes with. In each activity, the show tells you how much a well rested tester was able to perform in each activity when compared to the testers that have been awake for 24 hours. So far, nobody has been able to win a million dollars but I look forward to Season Two and hope someone does. I would award this show a 9/10.

Shreya Sachdev