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TV Show Reviews

Baby Season One (2018) - Shreya Sachdev

Baby is an Italian drama television show that is about the secret lives of high school students in an elite private high school.  Baby stars Alice Pagani, Benedetta Porcaroli, Claudia Pandolfi, Isabella Ferrari, and many others. The majority of characters in this show have something that is bothering them, whether that is personal family issues, secret crushes, money problems, drugs, grades, or something else. There is something going on in each of the character’s minds that causes them to feel depressed and even engage in some bad decisions. When I started watching this show, I really liked it from the beginning because there were clear frustrations and worries that the characters were going through that I could relate to since I am also a high school student. Each issue that a character is going through is made clear and gives an insight into the personality of the character. However, I will say that often times there are too many characters and that it’s quite difficult to keep track of what is happening. Furthermore, some of the character’s actions don’t make a lot of sense - at one point the audience believes that one character cares for another when in reality they don’t, and so it’s difficult for the audience to feel trust in the characters. Overall, though, it’s definitely a fun show to watch and I look forward to the second season. I would give Baby an 8/10.

Shreya Sachdev