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Elite Season Two (Spoiler Review!) (2019) - Shreya Sachdev

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Elite Season Two is directed by Ramon Salazar and stars Ester Expósito, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Danna Paola, Miguel Bernardeau, Itzan Escamilla, Mina El Hammani, Arón Piper, Álvaro Rico, Omar Ayuso, Jorge Lopez, Georgina Amoros, Claudia Salas, and many others. Elite is about a group of three middle class teenagers who get scholarships to study at a private school named Las Encinas, after their public high school burns down. At this private high school, these three middle class teenagers meet students who have wealthy parents, and soon enough the differences between the middle class teenagers and the wealthy teenagers begin to create some conflict. Season Two of Elite, specifically, picks up right where Season One left off. Gustav is still mourning over Marina’s death, and Polo and Carla are trying to do all they can to keep Polo’s secret hidden. Right as the first episode begins, the audience learns that Samuel has gone missing and that Season Two is going to be discussing the events that have led up to Samuel’s disappearance. Firstly, I just want to talk about the show itself. I really love the idea of this show, because in all honestly I’ve never witnessed or experienced a situation in which there’s a big difference between two children’s wealth. I did go to a private high school in which the tuition was very expensive, but all the kids who went there were kids whose parents worked for the government, so the only reason they could afford to go to the school was because their parent’s work paid for it. There were only five to six people in my grade whose parent’s paid out of pocket for the tuition, but since the majority of people had parents whose work covered the tuition, my high school wasn’t full of “rich kids” and I’m quite grateful for that because I think it could have created a very toxic environment. I know that there are high schools in which you have children whose parents are extremely rich, and then children whose parents are really struggling to make ends meet, and I think situations like those can cause a lot of stress which is why I’m so glad that a show has finally touched this issue. Anyways, to talk about the second season itself, I would say that whilst I liked it and thought it was worth watching, I expected a lot better. First of all, there are already so many characters in this show, but for some reason three new characters were added to the second season. The biggest problem is that these three new characters serve absolutely no purpose to the show. One of the new characters is a boy named Valerio, and I genuinely think that his only purpose in the show is to create a romantic interest for Lu, since now Guzman is showing more and more interest in Nadia, and Lu is all by herself. Then, we have a character named Cayetana who I thought was a bit more interesting. Cayetana is the daughter of the school janitor, but she is pretending to be rich. The reason as to why I liked her character is because I think her character goes to show you the struggles that teenagers in these private high schools face, and how much somebody is willing to pretend like they have money just so they can impress their classmates and fit in with the crowd. Finally, we have another girl named Rebeka who is rich due to the fact that her mother runs an illegal business. Again, I didn’t think that she was really that necessary to the show, because she doesn’t contribute anything except for her sassy behavior. Out of the three new characters, I definitely found Cayetana to be the most interesting. Aside from the three new characters, you will see a lot of different romantic relationships. Probably the worst thing about season two is that Samuel and Carla become “fuck buddies” which really goes to show you that Carla never really cared about Christian, in my opinion, which is a shame since I was really rooting for them. Overall, you will see many new relationships happening, but the one that continues from the first season is Nadia and Guzman. I really love their relationship, especially because in the second season you can see how much pain Guzman is in after losing his sister and how he turns to alcohol and drugs for support, and the only person that is able to help him is Nadia. One disappointment was that Nano and Christian rarely appear in the second season, and they’re quite vital characters in Marina’s death which is why I was hoping to see more of them. All I can really say is that I don’t think there’s enough emphasis on Marina’s death in the show, because there are numerous other stories and events happening in the second season. It’s still a good watch though, and I would give the Second Season of Elite a 7/10. 

Shreya Sachdev