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How To Sell Drugs Online Fast (2019) - Shreya Sachdev

How To Sell Drugs Online Fast is a 2019 German drama television series created by Philipp Käßbohrer and Matthias Murmann. How To Sell Drugs Online Fast stars Anna Lena Klenke, Maximilian Mundt, Damian Hardung, and Danilo Kamperidis. How To Sell Drugs Online Fast is about a nerdy teen who starts selling drugs online with his best friend in order to make some money, but to also impress his ex-girlfriend who is now extremely interested in experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Therefore, this entire show revolves around the story of how these two best friends grow their business and the complications they have whilst growing it. I really wanted to watch this show because obviously I’m a teenager and this entire show is about seventeen and eighteen year olds who are trying to figure themselves out. I’m so glad that I started watching this show because I immediately really liked it and thought it was so interesting. The quality of acting is very high in this show and there are many plot twists and scenes which will have you on the edge of your seat. Moreover, I like how this show is able to convince the audience to root for these two best friends, even though they’re doing something illegal. I’m so excited for the second season and would give the first season of How To Sell Drugs Online Fast a 9/10. 

Shreya Sachdev