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Trinkets Season One (2019) Shreya Sachdev

Trinkets Netflix Review

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Trinkets is a 2019 drama show produced by Kirsten Smith and Amy Andelson. The shows stars Brianna Hildebrand, Kiana Madeira, and Quintessa Swindell. Trinkets is about a girl named Elodie (played by Brianna Hildebrand) who moves to a new school. Due to the fact that she has a shoplifting addiction, her parents decide to sign her up for self-help group classes in order to stop this shoplifting habit. There, Elodie is surprised to see that two girls from her new school are also present. The three girls quickly form an alliance and help each other out with their problems regarding home life, romantic relationships, and much more. I am so glad that I started watching this television show because it is so so so good. I absolutely love it. I literally watched all ten episodes in one day. I love how the show allows you to witness how the girls’ friendship grows and how they each have different problems that are all related in one way or the other. It’s just a very sweet, lighthearted show that I would recommend everyone to watch, especially if they are a teenager and are going through anything dramatic in their life right now. I can’t wait for season two and I give Trinkets a 10/10.

Shreya Sachdev