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This is a page dedicated to information on some of the world’s most famous unsolved mysteries. At the bottom of each unsolved case, I have noted down my theory and what I believe happened. I want to be able to share my theories, but more importantly raise awareness for so many cases that still unfortunately remain unsolved.

The Unsolved Murder Of Terri Missy Bevers (2016) - Shreya Sachdev

DISCLAIMER: No disrespect is intended towards anyone that I talk about on this blog post. This blog post is for educational purposes and is being posted on this website in order to raise awareness about this case and to truly hope that the grieving families and friends of these victims find closure and finally find out what happened to their loved one(s). I have gathered all this information on the internet, but unfortunately I do not know how accurate or inaccurate it is. If I have made a mistake somewhere, then I apologize. It is not my intention to spread false information. 


Missy was born on the 9th of August in 1970 and grew up with her family in Texas. When Missy was growing up, she was described by everyone as kind, caring, and selfless. In 1988, Missy graduated from JacksBoro High School and enrolled in Tarleton State University. Missy graduated from Tarleton in 1995 with a bachelors degree in science. Straight out of college, Missy wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do with her life and so ended up working in retail for a couple of years until she met Brandon Bevers. They hit it off right away and on the 20th of June in 1998, they got married. 

Brandon and Missy really brought out the best in each other, they were said to truly love and care for each other. When Missy got married to Brandon, it ended up brining this whole new joy to her life and a burst of motivation which prompted her to pursue her passion of giving and doing things for other people. Missy went back to school and got a certificate in special education and taught for a couple of years. She then had to quit her job due to the fact that she became pregnant. On the 11th of March in 2001, Missy gave birth to her first daughter Hannah. Missy did say that she always wanted to go back to teaching but that in the current moment the best thing for her to do would be to take care of her daughter. A few years later in 2003 on the 7th of March, Missy gave birth to her second daughter Ally and again on the 6th of November in 2007, Missy gave birth to her daughter Sarah. 

After Missy's three daughters were born, she continued to look after them and care for them. Once the three of them were going to school and they didn't need Missy as much as before, Missy turned her career towards becoming a fitness instructor. Missy was somebody who had a real zest for life and saw the greatness is becoming healthy and feeling good about yourself. This is why she decided to become a fitness instructor for Camp Gladiator and wanted to transform other peoples' lives through fitness. Camp Gladiator was a camp that promoted fitness and helped people become healthier and get involved in both outdoor and indoor workouts. 

In 2014, Missy and her family ended up moving to Red Oaks, which was a small town in Dallas. There, she became the head coach of Camp Gladiator. Missy taught this at the Creekside Church.Her classes began at 5:00am and they went on for about 45 minutes. Missy would always get there 30 to 45 minutes earlier than her class began just so she could set everything up and create a plan for her class. Generally, these classes were held outside of the church unless it was raining, snowing, or for other reasons. 

On April 17th in 2016, Missy was watching the TV and saw that the weather forecast for the next morning was that it was going to be raining the next morning. Missy went on to Facebook and messaged her group and told them that their group was still training and that their lesson would be moved indoors. She then went straight to bed as she did have a 3:30am wake up call to get ready for her 5:00am class. 

On the next day, April 18th, Missy's students entered the church, excited for their 5:00am class, but sadly walked in to find Missy brutally murdered inside the church. At around 5:06am, two of Missy's students called the police and police arrived shortly after. When police arrived, they actually thought that this was more of a robbery case and that somebody had broken into the church to steal something, saw Missy there, and then decided to kill her so she wouldn't say anything about them. There was glass everywhere as a shattered window had been open and police were able to determine that Missy had died from several puncture wounds to the head. They also concluded that Missy had indeed tired to fight her attacker. As mentioned before, police initially believed that this was a robbery gone wrong kind of situation, but would soon come to realize that this was definitely not the case. 

There was security footage inside of the church that was found and when police looked through it, not only did it give them a timeline of what had happened but also showed them exactly what had happened. The murderer got to the church at around 3:15am on the 18th of April and  were dressed in a complete police uniform from head to toe .Due to what they were wearing, it was impossible to tell who they were, if they were a female or a male, or what they looked like. The only thing you could really see was what the size of their body looked like and approximately how tall they were. Another thing that was really clear from the security footage and something that was quite strange was the way that the murderer walked. They didn't walk the way everybody else walked and actually walked as if they had an injured right foot and would often lean on walls to relieve their right foot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laHrQ9hsf8k - they were also carrying a hammer in their hand. This person walked around the church for around thirty minutes until 4:20am which was when Missy arrived. The security footage of Missy's brutal murder was never released, for obvious reasons. However, there was some other security footage found in which police saw a car driving around the church. Unfortunately, police found it too difficult to recognize the license plate and the person driving the car has never been found. 

Sadly, police did not have any leads and could not identify the murder. Thus, they shifted gears and started looking into possible motives and why anybody would have a reason to kill Missy as it was clear from the surveillance footage that this was obviously a planned murder. Police got a couple of warrants to look through her computer and her phone and when warrants looked through her phone, they found that Missy was having some financial difficulties. Through her text messages, police also found out that Missy was having issues with her husband as she was having a couple of affairs on the side. Police found texts that showed Missy flirting with another man and also found texts between Missy and Brandon that showed that Brandon did know about the affair despite the fact that Brandon and his entire family were acting as if they didn't know about Missy's affair. There are clear texts to show that Brandon did indeed know about Missy's affair. Another thing they found on her phone was that a creepy man had messaged her on LinkedIn. 

Once the public and the police found out that Missy had been having an affair and that Brandon actually knew about the affair and was trying to cover it up, both the police and the public turned to Brandon as a suspect and began to investigate him. When police began investigating Brandon, they found that Brandon was actually away during the time of Missy's murder and was actually in Mississippi on a fishing trip. Brandon's phone records and the people who Brandon was with on this fishing trip all confirm that Brandon was indeed away in Mississippi during the time of Missy's murder. When police understood that it couldn't have been Brandon that committed the crime, they looked at another possible suspect which was Brandon's father, Randy. There isn't a lot of evidence to support the theory that Randy is actually the one who murdered Missy except for the fact that Randy's walk is incredibly similar to the one in the security footage found in the church: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9b1dIi9E2M - police have also said that Randy looks to be around the same weight and size of the person in the security footage. 

To make things even more strange, four days after Missy's murder, Randy took in an XXL size shirt to the dry cleaners which had been soaked in blood. It looked as if Randy had tried to get rid of the blood himself but couldn't and so decided to take it to the dry cleaners. The dry cleaner was obviously extremely suspicious of this but Randy told them that there was a Chihuahua that had been attacked by another dog and the blood is that of his dog. Blood tests were taken and it was eventually proven that the blood on the shirt was indeed blood of a dog. The vet also confirmed that this was the truth. Another thing was that it has actually been stated that Randy was apparently in California during the time of Missy's murder which means that there is no way that Randy or Brandon were able to commit the murders due to the fact that they were both away. However, the fact that both Brandon and Randy were out of town doing Missy's murder can be seen as suspicious - it is possible that they both hired somebody to kill Missy and chose to leave town so that they both had alibis and would not be suspects in the investigation. 

Due to the fact that both Brandon and Randy were supposedly out of town during Missy's murder, police had to start looking at other suspects. The next suspect that they decided to investigate was a man in Missy's class. This man had a wife who had a broken right foot during the time of Missy's murder. However, they quickly ruled out this woman due to the fact that they couldn't find a real motive. The next and last suspect was another woman who was also in Missy's class and was a consistent member of Camp Gladiator. She also had a broken right foot and had been arrested previously as well. However, police ultimately had to rule her out as well because they could not find a motive or any reason to suspect her. 


1. Random attack

2. Brandon or Randy killed Missy. 

3. A woman, either the man's  wife in Missy's class or the one with the broken foot, decided to kill Missy for reasons unknown. 

4. The creepy guy on LinkedIn killed Missy. 

Which theory do I believe?

The unsolved murder of Terri Missy Bevers is a complicated one. When I first started researching into the case, I was 100% sure that it was Randy just because of the way that he walked and how it was so similar to the way that the person in the security footage walked. Even though Randy was out of town, I thought it was definitely possible that Randy hired somebody (one of his friends) to kill Missy for hm since most old people tend to walk this way. Now, I'm not so sure. This is because of what happened the night before Missy's murder. If you remember, I stated that she only realized last minute that the training was going to have to be moved indoors. This is why it seems kind of strange to me that Missy would tell Brandon about this and that Brandon and Randy would have time to alert the person they hired that Missy would be indoors. I now believe that this was indeed a woman that killed Missy - as we know, Missy was having a couple of affairs and so it's possible that the man she was having an affair with also had a girlfriend or a wife and decided to kill Missy. However, because of the fact that Missy posted on her Facebook chat that their class would be training indoors, I believe that the woman who was consistent to camp gladiator and was in Missy's classes is the most likely suspect in this case. She had a broken right foot and knew that Missy would be at the church early morning. 

Bibliography & Credit: Fiori, Bella, director. THE UNSOLVED MURDER OF TERRI MISSY BEVERSYouTube, YouTube, 21 Mar. 2018, www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK32Zo1gUCI.




Shreya Sachdev