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This is a page dedicated to information on some of the world’s most famous unsolved mysteries. At the bottom of each unsolved case, I have noted down my theory and what I believe happened. I want to be able to share my theories, but more importantly raise awareness for so many cases that still unfortunately remain unsolved.

The Unsolved Disappearance Of Monique Daniels (1992) - Shreya Sachdev

DISCLAIMER: No disrespect is intended towards anyone that I talk about on this blog post. This blog post is for educational purposes and is being posted on this website in order to raise awareness about this case and to truly hope that the grieving families and friends of these victims find closure and finally find out what happened to their loved one(s). I have gathered all this information on the internet, but unfortunately I do not know how accurate or inaccurate it is. If I have made a mistake somewhere, then I apologize. It is not my intention to spread false information. 


Monique Daniels was born in 1977 in Moore, Oklahoma. Monique Daniels was born to her mother Candice, and her biological father was not in Monique’s life or her sibling’s life very much as he was constantly in and out of prison. Monique’s father consistently abused both Monique and her mother as well as her three siblings. For obvious reasons, Candice decided to leave him and soon after, she re-married to a man named Charles Daniels who everyone referred to as Chuck. Together, they ended up having two more children and so there were six children in total.

Both Candice and Chuck were in the military and that’s why they had a very strict household. The house was always very clean and the children were well disciplined, as both Candice and Chuck ran the house as if it was a boot camp. However, there was a lot of fighting going on at home. Despite her home life, Monique was said to be liked by everyone, very smart, and always someone who would put other people’s needs before her own. Monique wanted to be a doctor when she grew up.

In 1992, at just 15 years old, Monique fell pregnant. Chuck ended up forcing Monique to get an abortion, which made Monique so upset that she actually ran away from home and stayed with a friend. However, Monique’s parents did not know this and were constantly trying to find her and cooperating with the police to try and find their daughter. Monique’s friends were able to convince Monique to go back to her home and talk to her parents, and when Monique did go back to her home, things were very tense between her and her parents.

A few weeks before Monique’s disappearance, Monique’s sister Angelique and brother Bryan went to a one week choir festival with Candice, leaving Monique and Chuck alone for a week. Both Angelique and Bryan said that there was something off in the household when they both came back. The house was usually spotless and extremely tidy, but when they came back, there were cigarettes and beer bottles everywhere. When Candice, Angelique, and Bryan entered the house, Chuck said: “She’s gone again” and Candice responded with “Oh, really?” And that was the end of their conversation. They didn’t seem to care at all. It was very different from the last time that Monique ran away. Candice and Chuck forbid the children from talking about Monique and removed all photos of her in the house, as if they were trying to make it seem like she never even existed.

Six months after Monique’s disappearance, Monique’s aunt named Leslie (Candice’s sister) became extremely worried and was fed up that nothing was being done to find her. Leslie contacted Candice several times to ask her if she could have Monique’s missing person report so that Leslie could enter it into an online database to search for missing and exploited children. Candice told Leslie that she would get back to her with the missing person’ report, but she never did. It was later confirmed that Chuck and Candice had never filed a missing person report. Candice was the one who admitted to Leslie that she didn’t file a missing person report, and her excuse was that Monique had ran away before and so they had just assumed she ran away again.

Leslie didn’t find this to be an excuse, and decided to take matters into her own hands. She called the Moore police and reported that Monique was missing. Not long after Candice admits to not filing a missing person’s report, Candice gets a call from Monique. Immediately after Candice gets a call from Monique, Candice calls up her entire family and all her relatives to let them know that Monique called her and told her that she was fine. A week later after the call, Candice gets a letter from Monique in Texas telling Candice again that she’s fine and that she’s now married with a child named Chelsea. The letter said that she was writing because she wanted everyone to know that she was safe, but that she wasn’t going to come home. A few weeks later, Candice received another letter from Monique saying that she was fine. Candice and Chuck responded by these letters to simply tell everyone to stop investigating and said that they didn’t need to investigate as they all knew she was fine. Angelique and Leslie, however, still did not feel right about the situation, The timing was very suspicious, as these letters were only coming in after Leslie was trying to get an investigation going. Leslie actually thought that Candice was writing these letters herself and made up the phone call completely. Leslie ended up calling the Moore police department because she wanted to get the letters authenticated since she didn’t believe that they were from Monique. Candice agrees to bring the letters in, but the day before she is meant to take them in, her house supposedly “gets broken into.” The furniture was tipped over and the letters were gone.

However, it didn’t actually matter that their house had been broken into as Angelique came forward to Leslie and told her that she herself had written the letters. Angelique explained that the reason she wrote the letters was because Chuck had forced her into doing so. Chuck drove Angelique to the store to buy her stationary and even drives her all the way to Texas to send these letters. The reason that Angelique didn’t come forward was that Chuck actually threatened her and told her that she would go to jail if she confessed to the police. Angelique stated in an interview that she thought that if she confessed to the police, she was going to go to where she thought Monique was, which was a military camp as Chuck had always talked about how he wanted the children to go to military camps.

Two years later after Monique’s disappearance, Angelique had had enough with the toxic environment that she was in. She was sick of her parent’s lies and all the cover ups about her sister, and so she decided to run away. She caught a bus from Oklahoma to Michigan as she had family in Michigan, and reached her aunt’s house in a couple of hours. When Angelique reached her family’s house in Michigan, Angelique told them all about the letters and everything to do with the cover ups about her sister. When she told them everything, Angelique’s aunt responded with “Oh my god, what have they done to her.” And the moment that Angelique’s aunt said this, Angelique realized that this matter was much more serious than she thought and that Monique hadn’t just gone off to military camp.

When Angelique ran away, Candice and Chuck immediately filed a missing person’s report. But not only did they file a missing person’s report for Angelique, but they also filed one for Monique, and it had now been 22 months after Monique’s disappearance. This was when the investigation actually began: Police were constantly trying to cooperate with Candice and Chuck but they were both very uncooperative, and both didn’t agree to a lie detector test. However, police began investigating the area and questioning neighbors to see if they knew anything about Monique’s disappearance. It was difficult for information to be gathered, however, since it had been over 22 months since her disappearance.

Going back to Angelique, Angelique told her aunt and her relatives in Michigan that Angelique had been both physically and mentally abused by her parents at home. Angelique then decided to go to child protection services to charge her parents with abuse, as Candice and Chuck were trying to get Angelique to come back from Michigan to Oklahoma. When the parents were charged with this, they plead not guilty to abuse and neglect. Luckily, the judge would still not let Angelique go back to her parents in Oklahoma and Angelique was able to stay with her relatives in Michigan. Whilst Angelique was staying with her aunt in Michigan, she started publicizing what happened to Monique and raising awareness about what happened to her sister. In many interviews, Angelique said that she believed her parents had something to do with her sister’s disappearance and that they were involved. When Candice and Chuck heard that Angelique was accusing them of murdering Monique, they decided to move to Germany.

A few months later, Andrew (Monique and Angelique’s other brother) gave Angelique a call one day. When Angelique picked up the phone, Andrew said “Angelique, she wasn’t talking she wasn’t talking.” And the moment that Andrew said this, Angelique knew he was talking about Monique. Andrew said that whilst Angelique, Candice, and Bryan were away on their one week choir trip, Monique and Chuck were fighting. This wasn’t out of the ordinary, but Andrew said that Chuck had randomly gathered him and a couple of his friends for a random spontaneous fishing trip. Before they left for the trip however, each boy was meant to stand outside of Monique’s room and say goodbye to her. They were all ordered to stand outside her room in a single file line and say goodbye to her. However, Chuck did not allow them to enter her room or start a conversation with her. They were ordered to say goodbye to her from the room. From the small gap in the room, Andrew could see that Monique was completely still and wasn’t moving at all. When they said goodbye to her, she didn’t move and didn’t say goodbye back. Chuck then gathered the boys and took them on the trip, except they didn’t even end up going fishing and instead went to McDonald’s. When they got back home, Chuck left all of the boys in the car and in the garage for over an hour and told them that they couldn’t get out. As soon as Chuck finally lets the boys out of the car, Andrew runs to the bathroom as his father had locked him up inside of the car for an hour. Andrew stated that when he was in the bathroom, he got this feeling that he wasn’t alone and that Monique was inside of the bathtub, with the curtains closed which was strange as they were usually always open. Unfortunately, Andrew didn’t have time to check the bathtub to see if Monique was in there, because Chuck came banging on the door and told him to get out of there. When Andrew got out, Chuck gathered all of the boys again and locked them inside of the bedroom for two whole days. Chuck said that he was going to look for Monique, and that he would be back soon. But, he didn’t come back for two whole days. After the two days, Chuck came back inside of the room and took Andrew inside of his truck where they drove to an unknown destination. Andrew remembers that he looked at the back of the truck and saw an oil-drum inside of there which had never been there before.

After Andrew told Angelique this story, Angelique convinced Andrew to go to the police with his story. When he did, the police ended up digging up the entire family home but unfortunately did not find anything. Angelique, however, at this point was sure that Chuck murdered her sister. Candice and Chuck were questioned again, and simply said that Angelique was a terrible person and that they shouldn’t believe what she has to say. To this day, Monique Daniels remains missing.

Which theory do I believe?

Wow. i feel so incredibly sorry for Monique for having such horrible parents. I can’t believe this case remains unsolved, when it’s so obvious that Chuck killed Monique. Even though many people believe that Chuck was the one who got Monique pregnant, I personally believe that it wasn’t Chuck who got her pregnant but was rather a boy in Monique’s school. I believe that Chuck wanted Monique to get an abortion, and that Monique wasn’t happy about this. When Monique and Chuck kept on arguing and kept on fighting, Chuck decided to kill her because Monique wouldn’t agree to get an abortion. And of course, Candice knew this the entire time.

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Shreya Sachdev